Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Murder Mystery Night at the "Spa"

My former neighborhood women attended a "spa night" hosted by one of the group in her home. It was a murder mystery, in which all of us participated.

We were all given information sheets; about the evening, our characters and the info we were supposed to impart to others. Some of the info is only supposed to be told if you are asked a direct question. We each wore a bathrobe (over clothing.)

It was fun and interesting, and of course, we had good food, as usual. 

Here is the full group. 

The "spa" set up for service.

Our repast - all excellent!!

If your group is looking for something to do - I suggest a mystery evening. Find one here  and enjoy!!


Celia said...

Looks like good fun. Did anyone solve the mystery?

Ginnie said...

What fun ! What was the outcome of the evening? Other than wonderful food were there any prizes for those who solved the mystery?

joared said...

That sounds like a fun activity.

Granny Annie said...

You and your friends know how to do everything. Sounds like it was a fun party. I attended one very unorganized Murder Mystery party and it was still going when I left after two hours. I think they had no idea what they were doing. Yours looks well organized.

sage said...

What an interesting concept!

Pat said...

Looking lovely Judy. We have commercial Murder Mystery Weekends here but I think yours is a fun thing for friends. Why not let the husbands in to get a more rounded cast.:-)

kenju said...

Four people solved the mystery. I was not among them.

Husbands are not included because no one has a home large enough to accommodate all of us at one time for a meal.Also, we all need time away from them now and then.