Thursday, August 11, 2016

It's Insufferable

I refer to the heat, of course. Every day is oppressive; making grocery shopping and errands like booking a one-way ticket to hell. The humidity is terrible also, adding insult to injury.  When will it end?

My garage is still a mess. Back in the early spring, it was too cool for me to stand out there and try to sort through all the crap, and I was heard to say that when it got warm enough, I'd do it.  Then I broke my collarbone - making nearly everything impossible for a while. Then it got too hot to work in the garage.

I am waiting for a cool-down so I can get busy out there. My collarbone still isn't healed, but I can do most things without pain - so the doc said "have at it." 

If you are my friend on Facebook, you already know I am without house cleaners again. I wish I knew why they don't want to work for me. It's depressing. If I were able to do more than a cursory job, I'd do my own. But arthritis, a bad hip and back and the above-mentioned collarbone have made it nearly impossible for me and I have to be able to rely on others. Unfortunately, the "others" have not been reliable for a few years. I will be calling a new business soon, and I am hoping I can find some people who will be a good fit.  

Life in the new house is good  (when it is clean....LOL)  I continue to play Scrabble with a group of women every Tuesday, and I am trying to get back into a routine of working out twice a week, at least. The indoor pool here is always warm enough for me; which is more than I can say for our last health club, and the hot tub is great. The facilities are very clean. They show movies every Sat. at 2pm and an opera (on DVD) every Sunday at 1pm. The lunch group meets every two months and since I am still involved with my old neighborhood women and the book club, life is busy and mostly fulfilling.  

My children and grandchildren keep in touch as much as they are able, which is lovely.  

What more could I ask?   


Granny Annie said...

Ask your book club friends, scrabble players, pool partners and neighbors for housekeeper references. Surely one or two of them have someone they can recommend. I know what you mean about your garage haunting you. I have a whole barn that needs clearing out and that cannot even be considered in this heat. So what did I do in the meantime? I got a puppy. LOL

robin andrea said...

Soon autumn will be here and the cooling temps, beautiful foliage, and lots of time for the garage. Hope you find a reliable and good housekeeper. Take care there.

oklhdan said...

Indeed, life is good! Hope you find a reliable housekeeping service!

Ginnie said...

I agree that our weather has been HOT, Judy, but just think what other parts of the country are going through. I consider us pretty lucky.