Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas at Home...

Have I ever gone this long without posting before? Not that I can remember. No excuses......just lazy.

Christmas decorating for work has ended for me, and I am still trying to locate my Christmas stuff so I can decorate here. When we moved, I was so anxious to get the rooms and garage free of boxes, that I stuffed everything in and shut the doors - guaranteeing that I would have trouble finding stuff when I needed it. 

Suffice it to say that even though I got rid of a lot before we moved, I still have too much stuff and Christmas decor is included. Our big tree got smushed up against the back of the garage  (by my car) and it now suffers from limb drop and a decided left-leaning toward the top. The lights don't work, so I cut them off as much as possible, and decorated the tree as usual. My heart wasn't in it, though, so I shouldn't say "as usual." I have decided that when we take the decor down, this tree will be slated for the dump.

The wreath on the front door is all gold, and since it doesn't show up well under the stoop overhang, I need to make a red one. Haven't done that yet; it is too cold to stand in the garage and make it. 

The small tree sits on a ledge in our foyer, and when that ledge is finished, it will hold some part of our Christmas village houses and shops. There is not enough room here for all of them either. 

The dining room table holds this set of three trees and on the base is the creche my mom bought in 1940, the year I was born. I don't still have every piece that came with the set; some of the animals and one of the wise men broke long ago. 

The mantel is really the focus of the room. I had to figure out how to hang all the stockings without putting 14 nails in the wood, so I got the idea to hang them from the garland. I think it turned out well. The flocked garland certainly looks better here than it did in our old house, against dark wood and peach-colored walls. Makes me shudder now, to think of it!  

This wreath hangs on the inside of our front door:

I am almost done....


LL Cool Joe said...

I've got all my decorations up now. Yours look good, I like the wreaths and all the stockings.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

It looks beautiful Judy, And so very festive...!
Do you feel like making a trip to Los Angeles for some more decorating? :)

Rita said...

I sure understanding moving and not finding the Christmas stuff. Decorating I will not get to this year. : ( Twisted ankle and some arthritis setting in but should leave coming up. I'll make sure to be ready for Christmas this year. In fact, I might get the tree out this summer, set it in the spare room and decorate it as I find things. It is a 4ft. tree so I'll be able to move it after decorated. Christmas celebration will be at my daughters so we are set with her decorating. What a year! I'm making the most delicious candies. Toffee and white chocolate mix. Yum! Have a very Merry Christmas!

Nancy said...


Your decorations are lovely...As Usual..

You have given me a great idea..I never thought of putting a wreath on the INSIDE of the door.

You are a clever girl..

Anonymous said...

Judy, nobody told you that the Leaning Tower of Pisa look is the 'in' thing this year? You are way ahead of the posse!

The garland with the stockings and the inside door wreath are my favourites.

Ginnie said...

I love the wreath on the inside door but can't make out what it consists of.
BTW: two women friends of mine were treated to a walk-through of the Governors home and they were raving about how it was decorated.
Of course I couldn't wait to tell them than my good friend Judy had a large part in that !!!

Gilly said...

Judy, those decorations are just beautiful! Is that THREE Christmas trees you have? You put me to shame - and inspire me! Despite Mr.G not caring about decorations, I will put them up!