Friday, February 02, 2024

Despite being a widow, I am Blessed in this neighborhood....

 When we moved here in 2015, I will admit to being a bit unsure of how I would fit in, since many of my neighbors had been here for years. For any of you who are considering moving to an age 55+ neighborhood.....I say DO IT! We joined a few clubs in the beginning, and then Jim ((too) soon was unable to participate in much. So my participation was also limited.  I did and still do play Scrabble at our clubhouse almost every week; a game I have always loved. It allowed me to make a few good friends and the rest of them are friendly also.  I see a movie almost every Saturday, on a big screen, with captions (a must for my ears and eyes). And one a month I get to see a documentary or foreign movie (also with subtitles). These are owned by residents,who nicely share them with the whole neighborhood. 

Classes are offered by local professors, at a nominal fee. In January, I saw two lectures about the Foibles of the English family and one on the history of American art, which will be followed by 3 more classes in the coming months.  Last week, I went with the Singles club to the Cary Theater to see a Danish movie, titled "Fallen Leaves," and then we all went to a local restaurant for an early dinner. Add to this lunches with friends, haircuts, massages, mani-pedis and doctors can see my life is full!

I failed to mention my physical therapy twice a week, and meals or trivia nights with family. 

There are over 100 clubs that residents can join; such as clubs for those who came from areas of New York, or the midwest, those who play bridge, chess, canasta, hand and foot, Mah Jong, Scrabble (as I mentioned), Singles, religious or political groups, "Care" groups, whose purpose is to help others.  I will admit that there are some cliques, which apparently formed with the earliest residents, and they are hard to penetrate (I'm told, but I have not tried). There are groups for Italians and for African Americans.....and the best part is, you don't have to be from Italy or have come from African ancestry to join any of them.  In fact, they all invite cross-participation. You can join cooking classes, estate planning, exercise classes, dance classes....nearly anything you can think of. I had not played bridge since 1971, and I am now taking classes to relearn it. Unfortunately, the bridge club plays at the same time as the Scrabble club, so I will have to deal with that at some point.

We have two pools, a hot tub, tennis courts, pickleball courts, Bocce courts, a first-class gym, pool tables, dance studios, pottery and art galore!

You can opt to stay in your home and be alone - if that is what you want - and no one will bother you. But if you need a social life, to keep educating yourself, to keep yourself fit.....Here is where you need to be.  

And when you are widowed, and you need something done or a light bulb replaced, you can have someone do that for you; you only have to ask. 

Plus, there is no yard work or gardening necessary, unless you want to do it.

I thought my old neighborhood was perfect (and it was), but I am growing used to the idea that I am well-placed in my latter years. I am beyond grateful to be here!

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Jeff said...

I am glad you have been able to create a home within a new community. The neighborhood and homes are nice.