Sunday, May 12, 2024

Happy Mothers Day to All!

 My three children took me out for Mothers Day yesterday, as that fit all our schedules better than today. We went to Kanki Japanese Steak House, a long-time favorite of mine.  It has been quite a few years since we went there, and many things have changed. Notably, the menu offerings and their usual service, including soup,salad, appetizers, entree(s) and dessert, which was usually sherbet. They no longer include dessert, the ginger dressing for the salad has changed a bit, the soup has fewer veggies in it, and yet, it was a good meal and an interesting experience. 

The chef cooks on a large flat grill right by your seats, and sometimes they put on a show; knocking the salt and pepper shakers together in rhythm, laying out the veggies in a heart pattern, etc. We used to see a guy who could flip a hard-boiled egg off the grill and catch it in the top of his toque (chef's hat). But our guy yesterday didn't do that. He did, however, delight the children at the table with fire:

The children belonged to another family, not ours.  We went on to enjoy our onions, zucchini, mushrooms, rice, shrimp, steak and salmon.  Way too much food (salty food) for one person to consume in one sitting  -  but who's telling the doc? No one.  

When we left, I asked if we could get a photo. I was prepared to take one of the three of them, but hoping some nice person would come along and offer to get all four of us in the pic.  Lo and behold, he appeared....and we lined up.  

Of course, my baby said if I posted it, she'd tear me limb from limb, or some such threat, but I am not thoroughly dissuaded she would carry it blocked her face so you can see the others....LOL 

I hope all of you had a great Mothers Day, and if your mother is not with you any longer, think of all the good memories you have of her, and give thanks for the time you had together. 

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Jeff said...

Happy Mother's Day. I am hoping my mom, who died in 2020, had a great mother day with a reunion with my dad.