Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Speed Limits are a Joke! (and so is current-day merchandise)

At least around here, they are. I drive Rt. 540 (outer beltline) frequently. The speed limit is 70 MPH....but I tell you....if you are not going 75-80.....you will be run down. Are you finding that to be true where you  live? I have also noticed too many people passing on the right, or on the left in lanes that are for turning. Yesterday, a woman came from behind at a great rate of speed, passed me in a left-turn lane, passed in front of me and went two lanes to the right all in the space of 2 minutes. I was flabbergasted. This was just after 3 pm, when schools were letting out and traffic was getting busy. 


I have written before about how towels and sheets were so much better quality when I was growing up in the 50's. In fact, I am still using towels that were my moms (and some are marked with my name (used at summer camp), so I know they are over 60 years old. They are in better shape now than some I had bought in the 90's.

Plastic hangers are another commodity that are made much more cheaply then they used to be. I have some older hangers that were my mothers, and they are noticeably stronger than more modern ones, which break easily. You can tell to look at them which is which.


What modern-day conveniences/merchandise cause you grief? 

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