Saturday, December 01, 2018

The Governor's Mansion and a North Carolina Symphony visit

For approximately the 15th year, I worked at the Governor's Mansion, helping Mel Day (Dogwood Tree Florals) to decorate for Christmas. When we started doing it, many years ago, it took us 4 days straight. We were able to cut that to 3 days a few years ago and this year, it took 2 days for most of it. The large wreaths and garlands for outside had not been delivered yet, so they were done another day by the mansion staff. But I made most of the red velvet bows.

The current governor's wife, Ms. Kristin Cooper, did not want the decorations to be too fancy or over the top - so we toned it down a bit. Each item is more in scale to the mansion and there are not as many arrangements as before. There are 4 very tall trees and they are full of ornaments. There were 5-6 of us doing the decorating.  

I worked briefly at the mansion 2 years ago, but this was the first time I have worked since then, and prior to that before my heart surgery on 2014. To say I am out of practice is putting it mildly! But I enjoyed it and it was nice to try and rediscover the skills I used to have when I was in business. Public tours of the mansion start this Thursday.

Posting photos is difficult from this computer, but I will try later.

On Friday, a group from my current neighborhood went to see/hear the NC Symphony. They played a holiday program; consisting of both Christmas and Hannukah songs. It was lovely. We sat on the 4th row and the violins and violas were so close I could almost reach out and touch them.The sound was so rich and melodic!  There is nothing like live music!

After the music, 5 of us went to Caffe Luna for lunch. I had scallops, which were very good. 3 of the women had lasagna, which was deemed excellent. Afterward, we returned home without incident.....but I was exhausted. It seems as if that is my current state. 

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sage said...

I always enjoy your governor's mansion decorating posts! Wanna come finish decorating my house?