Sunday, October 21, 2018

Eating Out Again...

On Monday, I went out with a group from the new neighborhood, to a place called the Craft Public House. It is yet another "sports" bar, but the fish and chips were very tasty. I didn't remember to get a pic, of course. 

Tuesday, we went to have lunch with a former boss of Jim's, who lives here in the Cypress  (a place for retired people). It's fancy and very nice. I noticed just outside the entrance, someone had lost a sticker. 
I thought it was important to record it for posterity. Such a happy image, and a nice welcome to the premises. I ordered quiche and salad and both were very good. When I was almost done eating, I lifted my water glass and it slipped out of my hand, crashing into my plate. It didn't break, but, of course, water went everywhere. They brought me a new plateful of quiche and salad, and I ate most of that, too. It was not a huge serving, but very tasty.  We topped it off with a small bowl of "rocky road" icecream.    Verrrry good!!  I really must stop eating out so much, since I have no will-power to speak of. I can't afford to buy all new clothing, so I need to insure that I can continue to wear the ones I have. 

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