Sunday, October 21, 2018

December 28, 2016 police stopped me

Today, December 28, 2016,about 2:00pm,   I went to Food Lion on Davis Drive at the intersection of Morrisville - Carpenter Rd. 

As I exited the shopping center, onto Morrisville-Carpenter Road, I saw two cars passing in the right lane and then I pulled forward into the right lane. 

Immediately there was a car in the lane, which I believe had come from Davis Drive. I pulled to the far right (out of the lane)  so as not to block or hit that car - and the driver honked at me and passed me on the left.  I stopped on the far right and after that driver had proceeded on Morrisville-Carpenter Road, I continued on my journey.

Immediately I saw behind me, a black SUV type car with blue flashing lights (an unmarked police car), and I pulled to the far right and parked. 

The policeman asked for my license, which I gave him. He said "You almost ran that car off the road" and "Did you see him?"  to which I answered no, I didn't see him until he was right on top of me. But I saw him when he honked."

When the policeman came back to the car, he returned my license and handed me a ticket for a moving violation. I was afraid to say anything else in my defense; partly because Jim was with me and I was worried about what he might say if he thought  was trying to "weasle out of it".  

The car that was in my lane appeared "out of nowhere" from Davis Drive. I think he may have been going too fast, since I had just looked left and didn't see anyone else other than the original two cars (one of which was the police.)

It has been a very long time since I had a ticket, at least 25 years. 

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