Monday, June 11, 2018

Graduations are being held all over the country....

and we went to see our youngest granddaughter graduate from high school last Friday night. 

We met up with the rest of the family and went to Hickory Tavern for dinner. While seated at a tall table, my granddaughter's sister reached for her glass of water (a giant one) and knocked it into her sister's (the graduate's) lap; drenching her from lap to feet.  She had on a pretty yellow dress with a chiffon overlay, and it was dripping.  That put a considerable damper on the festivities, as she had to go home and change. When she returned, she was not hungry. I felt sorry for her.

Then we went to the football stadium at her high school (Union Pines in Moore Co., NC, near Pinehurst) This photo appeared in their local paper that Sunday. You can find me by looking for the q-tip white hair (below the balloons) on the far right. I am surrounded by 7 of my family; three kids and two grandkids, and my son-in-law. Jim stayed at home; his knee has been bothering him and even with a walker, he would have had a hard time negotiating the parking lot and field.

The grads enter the field; it was 7:30 pm and 88*.

Notice how far we are from the graduates and the stage?  I cannot fathom why they would set up the field this way. Why not place the chairs and stage between the bleachers; not at the far end of the field? Hardly anyone could see or hear anything that went on. 

The principal asked that no one shout and scream when their graduate's name was called, so that everyone could hear....of course, it did no good at all. How inconsiderate!! In fairness, the yells were short enough that most names could be heard, but it was not nice of those people to disregard the request for quiet.

When we left the stands, it was 82* (8:45 pm) and we were all drenched with perspiration. I would have liked nothing more than a shower and something to drink - but we headed home for the hour-long ride. This is our last graduation for a while.  Two more granddaughters will graduate college in the next few years and this latest graduate in 4 years. It is wonderful to see all of them getting a good education; I hope they all realize how lucky they have been, and show gratitude to their mother, who made it possible.

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