Tuesday, September 05, 2017

No News is Good News - or so they say

But in my case, it means there was no time or inclination to write a post, or I was sick, or in pain.

For about 5 weeks, my neck, arm shoulder and upper back have hurt terribly. I started by going to my chiropractor, but after 7 treatments, I had not seen any improvement. His x-rays showed 5 bone spurs in my neck.  I made an appointment with my orthopedist, who ordered an MRI - which showed three bulging discs (#5-6- and 7).  It was decided that I would receive a steroid shot in my neck - which may or may not help. She also put me on a nerve medication.

I am happy to report that it has helped a great deal!! The severe pain left almost immediately; and although it partly  returned after 2 days, it left again and except for some residual soreness, it is if it never happened.  I am so grateful to be out of that severe pain. At times, my elbow hurt so badly I wanted to cut my arm off.

In the meantime, I am coming down with a cold (passed to me by my child, unwittingly) and a possible UTI, due to side-effects from the nerve medication I am on. 

And today, the death knell came:   my clothes washer (which came with this house) has died. The part to repair it would cost $275, not counting installation. It is a minimum of four years old and I doubt it would be smart to spend $275+ on an older machine. I really wish I had kept my own washer/dryer when we moved here. But this set was only 1-2 years older than mine and I thought it best to save on moving expenses. I guess that was a mistake. 

I'll get over it all, but today, I am royally ticked off.


Marianne said...

Managing pain seems to be just short of voo doo. You just have to keep trying different approaches until something works. Glad you found relief. My 25 year old Maytag washer died. I thought I bought a good Samsung set. But less than 6 months later it was recalled due to exploding top. I am now on my second replacement Maytag washer and I expect it you last 3 to 5 years. Have fun

kenju said...

Maytags are not what they used to be. My last one lasted 20 years with no service calls.

robin andrea said...

Glad to know that your pain has subsided with the treatments. That's great news. I plan to keep that in mind when my degenerative disc disease starts to really cause me trouble. Hope you're feeling better in all ways.