Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Do You Play Words with Friends?

I do, but I may be quitting in the near future.

In the past 3 weeks I have had three men start games with me and 'chat me up", as they say.  They start by saying "hello" and asking how I am, to which I usually answer ,  "fine".  Then they want to know where I live. I comment only my state (never the city) and  then they ask if I am married, how many years, do I have kids and if so, how many.  The three have stated that they reside in Oregon, Texas and the west coast of England.

I am very non-committal, answering only in the broadest of terms.  But the last two guys have asked for my cell phone number and my email. Of course, I said no,  and then they said "they only want to get to know me better."

Well I don't want to get to know them better - and I have said as much - but it doesn't seem to dissuade them. I may have to block the last two, as I did the first guy.

Have any of you had this problem?  How did you handle it?


Granny Annie said...

Well I haven't had that problem. It sounds scary but it also makes me a bit jealous of you. Why aren't I getting hit on by guys?? LOL

kenju said...

Annie, you should be, since you're single!!

Star said...

I have not had that happen, but I mostly stick to playing with people I know. I have played with strangers once or twice, but they have behaved appropriately.