Thursday, July 06, 2017

Nothing Much to Report.....

Since I last posted, we celebrated our 53rd anniversary. We went to my favorite restaurant - Kanki - and I ate shrimp and chicken, instead of steak, since I still have a temporary cap on a molar and I thought steak might dislodge it. The food was great, as usual, and they gave us a complimentary dish of ice cream (only one). Jim told me to get my own dish - which wasn't very nice or in the spirit of an anniversary - but we shared it. 

We had a quiet fourth of July. When the fireworks started about 9 pm, the poor cat jumped up on the arm of my chair and shook. I petted her and she seemed to quiet down a bit. Moppet is the first cat we've ever had who showed any reaction to fireworks. That is usually the purview of dogs. My favorite childhood dog - named Kippy - went nuts on any occasion with loud noises. Mom locked her in our basement one New Year's Eve and came home from a party to find a badly damaged door.  

Our local Scrabble group met, even though it was a holiday, which I appreciated. I hate missing my Scrabble - even though I play about 30 games online, it is nice to play in person, with friends. We have even talked of adding a second day of the games; playing in someone's home. I'd love that!

The week coming up will be extremely busy; a movie on Saturday, a documentary on Sunday, luncheons on Monday and Tuesday, hearing aid adjustments on Wednesday, as well as a yoga class and another luncheon on Saturday, to celebrate my daughter's birthday. I have to fit grocery shopping in there somewhere! 

What are you up to this hot and humid summer?

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