Monday, July 17, 2017

Another Busy Week....

On Saturday, we went to Maggiano's for dinner, to celebrate my first-born daughter's birthday. Only three of her children were there; the fourth is in Dallas, doing a workshop in anthropology. It was a nice gathering, although two of her siblings were unable to attend. We ate our fill, and thanks to the restaurant's policy of allowing you to take home a serving - we left with a shopping bag full of Italian delicacies.  I tried to upload a photo, but Blogger is not cooperating this morning. 

On Saturday, the clubhouse here showed the movie "Miss Sloane". It stars Jessica Chastain, and is a fast-paced story about a Washington lobbyist. I enjoyed it. 

On Sunday, our son came for breakfast, as we were joined by our granddaughter Jessica, the budding artist. She had gifted her mother with a painting of hydrangeas, and we all wish it was ours. Again, Blogger will not allow a photo. We have developed a habit of having poached eggs on Sunday, and quite often we have guests, which is fine, as we love having them. 

Sunday afternoon, my son and I went to the outdoor pool at the clubhouse, the first time for me since we moved in in December of 2015. The water was warm, just as I like it - and I didn't really want to get out to go home. But I had signed up to view a documentary that evening, titled "Remarkable Journey", about the Asian Indian community in NC. It was fascinating and ended too soon. Then we were invited to go to a new Indian restaurant nearby, named "Persis." I don't think they were prepared for an invasion of about 20 people; service was slow, the menus were not in English, we had no idea of what we were ordering, and the waiter didn't speak English well enough for us to understand him. It was what a Navy man would call a "SNAFU".  I ordered some form of Tandoori chicken and it was given to the woman seated next to me, whom I didn't know.   Eventually we all got served, and we tasted some of everything (well some of them did - I am not very adventurous when it comes to food I don't recognize.) The best part was the complimentary dessert, something mango and frozen, similar to ice cream or sorbet. I'd go back just to order that!! I didn't get photos of all the foods, but since Blogger won't let me post them - I guess it wouldn't matter.....LOL

I spoke with the young man who introduced the documentary; he is the current mayor Pro-tem of an area near where I live. I mentioned that my son's best friend in high school was an Indian boy, with whom he had lost contact after high school. That boy died two years ago - and he happened to be the best friend of the man who introduced the movie. It was nice to make that connection, especially since we still mourn our friend's passing. RIP, Alok!

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