Thursday, May 04, 2017

My Dental Appointment

I have not had a cavity in about 15 years, but that good record ended today. My dentist discovered a hole on the back of a molar, which also has a gold on-lay. She said she will have to remove the on-lay in order to fix the cavity, and that a new crown will be necessary, since there is so little actual tooth left. 


Any news affecting my financial affairs is always bad - unless I win the lottery  (but you have to buy tickets for that, and I rarely do.)

The only good news is that she says the rest of my teeth and gums are in great condition, and she commended me for taking such good care of them.  I nearly laughed out loud.  I barely do what needs to be done on a daily basis. I have always been a very good tooth brusher, but flossing and using the water-pic sort of fall by the wayside until the week before a dental appointment.  It makes me wonder what would happen if I brushed twice a day, religiously, and flossed and water-picked every time! I suppose I would not now be faced with the prospect of a cavity repair and a new and costly crown!!


Star said...

Not so bad in the grand scheme of things . I hate going to the dentist. I don't know why . I rarely have issues and he is perfectly nice . I think it is because I feel guilty that I don't brush and floss as much as they recommend.

joared said...

This will be of little consolation, but a recent TV news item I heard talking about health care costs mentioned by way of showing contrasts that root canals are $25 in Europe while we pay hundreds of dollars. I can imagine crowns are much less expensive there than what we pay here. Maybe you should plan a trip abroad. Could you write off the travel expense?

Pat said...

It is always worth the money. I'm coming to the end of dental treatment - fingers crossed.