Friday, April 28, 2017

"I Still Don't Believe It!"

Subtitled:   I must be living right!!

I went to Target today, holding a $50 gift card that I had been given by BCBS for completing the home health visit last month. I needed a few household products and I had decided to buy something for myself with the gift card. 

I chose an orange purse, with a pricetag of $44.95.  I went up to the check-out and told the clerk that I first wanted to make sure there was no problem with the gift card and she replied that she had no way of checking it in advance. So I let her run it all through, and sure enough, the register said "not usable."  I was livid. I told her how I had gotten the card, and that it said on it that it never expires and has no fees.  She suggested that I call BCBS and ask them if I needed to "activate" the card  (even though the card that came with it did not mention any form of activation.

I prepared to leave and the clerk offered to "hold" the purse for me. I asked her to do just that and said I'd check with BCBS to see what the problem was, and come back tomorrow. 

I left the store and was putting my purchases into my van. A woman interrupted me, saying " Here : I bought the purse for you."  I was flabbergasted and speechless (which seldom happens).  I said....Oh, Gosh, I don't believe it. Let me give you the gift card (worthless though it may be.) She shook her head no, and said "This is for you." 
She walked away so quickly that I could not get her name (she wouldn't tell me) so I said "Thank you so much I'll pay it forward."

I cannot believe that woman bought that purse for me. I had heard of people paying for the food of the person in line behind them - but not $45 purses.  I feel so grateful to her and I hate that I didn't get her name and contact info. I hope she sees this post someday. 

I got home too late to check with BCBS, but you can be sure that I will call them Monday morning.  


Celia said...

There are some wonderful people out there. Thanks for sharing.

robin andrea said...

What a wonderful story. How kind and thoughtful of that person in line to buy that purse for you. I know you'll pay it forward, and so the gift keeps on giving.

sage said...

A graceful moment--cherish!

Granny Annie said...

Wow! I think you deserved that. How nice.

joared said...

That is truly most remarkable.