Sunday, April 23, 2017

Martin and Martin (Steve and Short)

My Mother's Day present came early, in the form of a ticket to see Steve Martin, Martin Short and the Steep Canyon Rangers perform at The DPAC  in Durham. It was my first time at the 4,000 seat theater and I surely hope it will not be my last.

The show was varied, funny (bordering on hilarious) and contained great music too. Steve Martin is an accomplished banjoist and composer and he played a few of his intricate creations, as well as with the Rangers - who are perfection in bluegrass. 

The theater is situated so that there are no sight obstructions and the large screen behind/above Steve and Martin made it possible to see everything. I could also hear well, due to proper sound levels.  

The screen showed some clips from the early days of Saturday Night Live  (the best days, in my opinion.) Also included were clips from their movies. And they both performed in character on stage. Virtually nothing was left out, for which we were thankful.

If these two are appearing near you, I recommend you buy tickets. They are worth it - whatever the cost. Steve said he often wondered about the varied cost of tickets in different venues and for different seats. He recommended that if you had paid less for your ticket than your neighbors, you should place your hand over one eye during the show!!   I laughed until my sides hurt.  Thanks to my baby daughter for this present!!  I thought nothing could top the concert with Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, but this did. I loved it!!


Granny Annie said...

SNL should not have continued so long. They will never be as good as the old days. It had to be fun to see Martin and Martin perform together and hope you didn't have to watch with your hand over one eye. LOL

robin andrea said...

A truly wonderful gift and a great evening. So glad you had so much fun. I got to see Steve Martin in 1971 open a show for someone (I can't remember who) at some small theater in southern California. He played the banjo and wore an arrow through his head. That was the first I ever heard of him.

kenju said...

Robin, that arrow made a few appearances on SNL, too.

joared said...

Would truly enjoy both those concerts you described. Glad you could go.