Sunday, February 05, 2017

Maggiano's and Friends

We went to Maggiano's restaurant in Durham on Saturday, with friends. I had tilapia, which was divine, and I don't use the word often. 

Lon and Jim, who was still chowing down on meatballs and angelhair. He chose lasagna to bring home. Did you know that Maggiano's has a buy one - take one home program?  

Lorie and her husband, Lon. 

Stu and Audrey

And Sophie, who belongs to Laurie and Lon. She didn't go to lunch with us, but we went back to their home afterward and visited with her. She is a wonderful, affectionate dog and I would love to see her more often. 

I worked the "scrabble" table at our clubhouse games expo last week. We had a few people express interest in joining, but none of them showed up at the games on Tuesday. People seem to be afraid that they will be ridiculed if they are not good enough - or can't spell. We play in good fun and no one is chastised for not being good enough. 


LL Cool Joe said...

So is the one that you take home cooked? Some items are okay reheated but others are not so good.

Granny Annie said...

Buy one, take one home??!! I usually cannot eat all of what I order and taking that home yields another meal. Still sounds like a great marketing strategy. If I had read this post before your Facebook post I would have known who Sofie was:-)

joared said...

My mother really enjoyed Scrabble and organized a group where she lived that met regularly. She generally scored quite well -- though that wasn't a major focus -- even though she was legally blind and making out the letters, words, not easy. I was amused when I was there one time overhearing their discussion when a name was mentioned and somebody asked who is that, another replied, Oh, you know, that old lady that lives down there next to....". I laughed to her later, "Old lady?" "All of you are old as that lady." They weren't intentionally being disparaging. I think of that now, cause I'm an old lady, closing in on her age then. Ive enjoyed playing Scrable but no group presently.

Ginnie said...

I'm glad the tilapia was good. I have tried it twice at two different restaurants and it's not been good.

Pat said...

A lovely civilised thing to do - eating out with friends.

Pat said...

A lovely civilised thing to do - eating out with friends.