Friday, January 20, 2017

Odds and Ends

Forty (plus) Women Named Judy:

That's how many of us  (women named Judy) live here in my neighborhood. Fourteen of us gathered on Wednesday for a meet and greet; involving food and coffee. It was a surreal experience - but also fun to get to know some of them.

One woman had compiled a list of questions for us, and she provided pads of paper and pens so we could write down our answers. All the questions pertained to our time in both high school and college. We discussed some of our answers, and a few women told funny stories. We were told to bring our senior annuals, but I forgot to take mine. I am already looking forward to their next meeting, in June.

The Inauguration:

I cannot pretend to be pleased today. I am not a fan of Trump and I doubt I ever will be. He sickens me and I have trouble understanding how anyone (especially women) can support him. I have been watching The Borgias, and tonight I was struck by the similarities in the story to the current situation. In the 1400's, a man named Borgia (from Spain) was in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church as a Cardinal in Rome. When the old Pope died, Borgia bribed the others into voting for him as Pope. Then after he was installed as the Pope - he put his two sons into high office. It sort of reminded me of what has been happening lately. History always repeats itself, we're told.

A Book Recommendation:

"The Little Paris Bookshop" by Nina George

I loved this book and I can hardly wait to see it made into a movie. I want so much to see who will be chosen to play the 4-5 main characters!  The neighborhood book club ladies suggested Richard Gere for the main lead and I have NO problem with that!!

My old neighborhood book club will discuss this book next week - I am looking forward to seeing who they would select as the leads!  


Ginnie said...

I can't believe there are so many Judy's in your area. I only know one other than you !
Your Borgia comparison to the Trump presidency is right on and scary to say the least...especially the two sons being put into high office.

Celia said...

Incredible! I have only known one Judy in my life. Wonder if Borgia was a looney too?

kenju said...

He was definitely a lying narcissist !

sage said...

That's interesting--having a party of folks sharing your name! As for Trump, I'm afraid he's a demogague and still can't believe that we're struck wtih him for four years.

Joared said...

"Judy, Judy, Judy....." wasn't that a famous Cary Grant line in some popular movie? Interesting so many Judys where you are. I've encountered a number of Judys in my life and bloggers besides you. As for DT, he is unbelievable and I'm still in shock at his election.

Pat said...

My American cousin is Judy. Sounds like another good group you have joined.
Re the Trump situation I agree he is beyond the pale but worry that the constant publicity he is getting on FB is just feeding his ego. Oh for a Trump free day.