Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Free Gift!

I belong to a website/app called Nextdoor. It covers my neighborhood and 25 nearby areas. People offer items for sale, ask for referrals, mention lost dogs, etc. 

I check it multiple times a day on my phone; and today I noticed an offer of a free pet bed, carrier, harness and leash - also catnip. I sent a message saying I'd like it, and the woman gave me her address. My daughter and I drove there, and the bed and other items were at the foot of her front steps.

I was amazed at how clean and nice the things were - they probably cost a pretty penny when new - and she gave them away free!  
This is the bed, and as you can see, Moppet is quite comfortable in it. I sprinkled some cat-nip around the bedding, and she settled right in. I love that it is a neutral dark color. 

I have been searching for a cat carrier for quite a while, and I haven't been able to find one I thought I'd like and that  Moppet would be comfortable riding in. This one is a nice black canvas, with strong zippers and side panels that can be lowered if the cat would prefer not to see out.

I must admit that Moppet has not been in the bed at all, except when this pic was taken; still, I hold out hope that she will decide she can sleep in it.  


rosemary said...

It takes my cats awhile to use a new bed. Sometimes they will use one exclusively and then not get in it for a year. They are picky...and I have way too many beds in this house. She will use it eventually....get one of those heated pads just for pets and she will love it. I have the same carrier. I have to lower Emma into it.

Celia said...

I joined Nextdoor also. It's turned out to be pretty useful and our area put together a neighborhood gathering on the lawn at its namesake grade school. People brought their picnic and camp chairs.

Nice kitty bed, hope Moppet takes to it soon.

sage said...

Looks like you stumbled on a good find!

Ginnie said...

I love it when something good, like Nextdoor, is on the Web. We hear so much of the bad stuff. It certainly was a windfall for you.

robin andrea said...

Nice kitty cat stuff!

Granny Annie said...

Just be sure Moppet won't pee in the carrier. I had one of those soft carriers and my male cat sprayed. I had failed to put plastic between my car seat and the carried.