Thursday, April 14, 2016

My New Neighborhood

is a Del Webb Community for people 55 and over. I never thought I'd be living in such a place and didn't expect to like it, but I do.  My daughter has been prompting me to join some groups or clubs - of which there are 200+ - but I wanted to wait until we got settled before I started anything new. 

Today I joined two groups; one for women named Judy, and there are 40 of us. In  elementary school, I always had 2-3 Judy's in every class, but as I got older, the number of women I knew named Judy got lower.  In our old neighborhood, there were three, but there were 72 households there, and over 1200 here. 

I got an email from a woman named Judy, inviting me to join their club, so I did. She said they had already gotten together several times and the next time, they will go out to lunch. I look forward to that, although it is hard to get to know that many people at once.  

I also joined the Scrabble Club. I have been playing Scrabble since the game came out and I never tire of it. I also play it on-line, along with Words with Friends, Lexulous and Wordscraper.  I don't know when I will get to play with this group, as apparently they are not active at the moment, but I look forward to it. 

I will miss the next luncheon meeting of the women who live on my street, as we will be at the beach. It's too bad, since it will be another month before they meet again.  

If I am not careful, I won't have any free time. I am still active in my old neighborhood group - for which I am very thankful - and grateful to be healthy enough to do it all. 

I drove for the first time today, since breaking my clavicle. It hurt a bit when I forgot and used my left hand on the wheel, so I made sure I drove with my right hand only. I had to take off the sling, of course. I see the doc next Monday, and I am hoping to get good news!


sage said...

Your community seems nice. I never thought I'd live in a gated community, but we're enjoying it. There are also lots of groups--but the only two that I have joined (outside the sail club) is a men's book club and a men's lunch group.

Granny Annie said...

You are an amazing Judy. I wonder if I could join a community with that many Ann's. Regardless I would still stay home instead of joining all the groups...unless they had one for chickens.

joared said...

Sounds like you've moved into a good setting. Glad they have some groups you're exploring to meet and make new friends. Guess you'll become so busy you won't even have time to write your blog.