Sunday, August 02, 2015

A weekend with My Daughter, Part 4

When we left the Hirshorn Museum, we began our long trek back to Raleigh; a trip which took much longer than it should due to massive traffic delays all the way from DC to Richmond. We even got on US1 for a time, but it was just as bad as US Route 95, and was made worse by stoplights. 

A bit of shopping delayed us as well - who can pass IKEA without stopping? I was tired from walking all morning, so daughter put me in a wheelchair and I pushed the shopping cart, as she pushed me.

Before long, it was nearly full, as we purchased glassware, seat cushions, straws, brushes, silver utensils, and the like - nothing big. I always enjoy seeing what is new at Ikea, and of course, people-watching is fun too.

After lunch, we got on our way again....many times we were only creeping along. We could never tell what the hold-up was, but eventually we reached Raleigh and home.  I had said that there was at least one down-side to going out of town without Jim and that was that the kitchen would be a mess. How right I was!  Leaving husband in the care of son and grandson was a good idea, except for the dirt and dishes in the sink and un-washed dishwasher. Oh, well, I enjoyed being away so much that I won't fuss about that part.   LOL


Pat said...

Great way to shop:)

OldLady Of The Hills said...

What a smart move by your daughter....IKEA can be daunting! And what a WONDERFUL trip, Judy. Dirty dishes, etc., Not so!