Monday, March 02, 2015


I have two alarm clocks - and both are currently useless to me. One is a clock-radio that is supposed to be self-setting (time) when you plug it in. All I get is a flashing 12:00, and since I cannot find the directions that came with it (they probably got lost when we moved), it is of no use except to play the radio. The buttons on top are unfathomable. The other one appears to work well, except that you can set an alarm time and turn it on and the clock completely ignores the alarm function. 

The newspaper guy we have must have some screws loose. For two days, he has thrown the paper into the only snowy spot we still have. My daughter shoveled our driveway, so it is clear, but he chooses to put the paper on the snow in a grassy patch. It would only require a bit more energy to toss it two more feet into the dry area. Maybe I should promise him a tip at Christmas if he would do that for me. 

Snow, snow, ice and snow......GO AWAY. It's March now, time for daffodils and crocus and greening buds. We are supposed to get more snow on Thursday and I may scream. 


LL Cool Joe said...

What snow? What ice? It's a lovely sunny day here in the UK!

And our newspaper person puts our newspaper through the letterbox. :D

Now I feel all smug! Ha Ha.
I bet we get snow now.

Celia said...

I always have my c-phone around, correct time and an alarm if I need it. I didn't expect to get so attached to it but I did.

Our weather is blessedly bland compared to yours. Hang on and keep your wool socks handy.

kenju said...

I can use my phone for an alarm, but I can't always hear it, even when it is turned up all the way.

sage said...

Sometimes you can get directions off the internet for old clocks and things... I like an old time easy to set/read alarm.

Ginnie said...

Just another reason why I get my news on the computer now. I'm surprised that Newspapers are still being manually delivered.

Pat said...

I feel quite guilty. We have been snowless but lots of grey gloomy days like now.
Alastair bought dozens of tiny square alarm clocks which even I can cope with. If it's important I use two at a time.

Lux Ganzon said...

Oh I know that feeling with alarm clocks.

Stay warm there. :)

Granny Annie said...

Soon all clocks will reset just like cell phones and computers do. Battery or windup clocks will be a thing of the past.