Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nothing Works Anymore

I have bought a few things lately that all had to be returned due to non-function or mis-function. First were two "watches" worn on the wrist that were supposed to give you your heart-rate when a button was pushed. Neither of them worked well on me, and I was told it was because I have an irregular heartbeat. I think the makers of the watches ought to put a disclaimer on the package, saying that they may not work if your heart is not regular. 

I finally bought a new alarm clock and the alarm function does not work. I have set the clock and set the alarm, and on the face of the digital screen you can see that it is set for daylight savings time in the eastern US, and that the alarm is set for 7:10 am - but for two mornings in a row - it has not rung at all. I have set my phone alarm too, and I am thankful that it works, otherwise I might be late to rehab. 

I am returning that clock today, but I am fearful of replacing it, for fear that one won't work either. Seems all I do is return stuff. I hate doing it and it seems to me that before the 2000's, I seldom had to return anything. Do you find that to be true as well? 


Beverly said...

Probably all made in China. It's a disgrace that such poor quality or no quality costs so much.

Betty said...

I know what you mean. I bought a two-cup coffee pot and it lasted two weeks. Joe DiMaggio would be appalled!

Granny Annie said...

I don't want to get braggy for fear of jinxing myself but I haven't had to return anything in a very long time.

Ginnie said...

I think it is just your karma telling you not to worry about your heart rate and to sleep as long as you want to !!