Sunday, February 01, 2015

A Rant - but not about me (this time)

I ordered a pair of shoes from "". I don't usually do that because my feet are hard to fit, but we had previously ordered a pair of slippers for Jim and they were good quality. 

The catalog I had said that anything ordered from that catalog that totaled over $49 would get free shipping. I was to enter a code from the back page into the appropriate spot on the order form. I entered that code approximately 12 times and every time it said the code was incorrect. I was mightily frustrated, as you might imagine. I know I entered the code correctly. 

Giving up, I clicked the order, figuring if I got charged postage, I could call customer service and explain what happened and get a refund. 

Oh, how naive I am. 

The shoes arrived quickly and they fit like a dream. However, there was a $12.99 charge for shipping. Grrrrr. I called customer service and was told that it didn't matter if I had had a problem entering the code. They said what I should have done was call them while I had the order on-line. I do wish they had said that on the catalog, so I would have known. The young woman I spoke with said her manager said no refund would be given since I had not contacted them at the time to let them know. 

I told them I would never be ordering from them again! 

What would you do/have done?  

I did leave a complaint on a third party site, which got me a survey to fill out about customer service - but so far - no refund. I am mad and dismayed. I like their shoes, and I would be inclined to order from them again, if only they would refund this postage.  


Pat said...

I have little patience when web sites don't work and think I would probably have given up earlier. They don't sound customer friendly.

Star said...

That is such poor customer service. I think I would shop elsewhere. I hopefully you can find something you like as much.

sage said...

Like Pat, I would have probably dropped it, but hey, at least they fit!

Granny Annie said...

It would be very difficult for me to get angry enough to give up on a place that sent me shoes that fit well and are comfortable. You need Prime membership at Amazon. I love all the free shipping there and have easily gotten my membership back many times over on the savings on shipping alone. I just hate to pay shipping!!!!

Ginnie said...

I know the frustration but I've gotten to where I let that stuff slide off my back...
At least you are satisfied with the shoes and that's a plus.

Gilly said...

I'd feel like that! I tend to order from sites I know are customer friendly - though you can always be caught out! Sometimes other sites sell the same items - have you tried googling the make/type of shoes?