Friday, November 07, 2014

Odds and Ends + Plus Pretty Boys

My cleaning women were here today and broke something for the first time in 6-7 years. It was a small ceramic bluebird; not worth more than $10-15 bucks, and probably less. I have had it long enough that I can't remember the price or where I got it. 

As they finished, the woman who owns the business came to me with the date card for next time and she tried to return my check, saying it was for the breakage. I don't pay them much, but certainly more than the bird was worth, so I refused to take the check. She said that next time they come, I should deduct the cost of replacing the bird. That seems fair.....if only I could remember how much it was. Of course, next month is when they will get their Christmas bonus and if I deduct the cost of the bird, it won't seem like much of a bonus. I guess that's not my worry, is it? There are lots of things here that, if broken, would bother me a great deal, but that bird was not one of them. 

Preparation for dinner guests tomorrow night has kept me busy off and on all day. Mr. kenju thinks I should not have invited them here so close to the time of my surgery, but I have owed them a dinner for over 2 years now and it would be even more embarrassing to wait any longer. But now, thanks to my cleaning women, the house is ready and I just have to prepare the food for tomorrow. I chose a simple menu  (one I can hardly mess up), so it shouldn't be too difficult for me. Maybe I'll remember to take

Mr. kenju watched an old movie today with Sandy Dennis, named "Up the Down Staircase."
I didn't see it all, but it was good, and there is an actor in it whom I have never seen before. Jeff Howard has only been in three other movies, according to IMDB. Boy, was he ever handsome!!
 I am certain that he had to have changed his name, as he so obviously had an Italian heritage. It is too bad that he didn't get more roles; he would surely have been a big hit with women. This is one of only two photos I can find and neither of them show him at his best.

He reminds me a lot of Chris Sarandon, whom I met when he was in college at Marshall University in WV  (photo below), although Chris' heritage is Greek.

I have ALWAYS been a sucker for a pretty face!


Granny Annie said...

My housekeeper is in her fourth year with me. She has broken several items when cleaning. I have never allowed her to pay though she has often tried. If I was cleaning myself everything I own would be broken. LOL

sage said...

Good for you for not taking the check. Prayers as you go into surgery. Keep us posted.

Star said...

Enjoy your company Judy !

Pat said...

Are these the guests who were going to be late?
Hope all went well and you will be in my thoughts and prayers until you are over the op. .

Sarah said...

Those are two handsome men. Is Chris Sarandon related to Susan Sarandon?

Peruby said...

Susan was married to Chris Sarandon - that is how she got the last name.

I watched Up the Down Staircase years ago. When To Sir with Love was famous, too.

When I watched it years later, I saw "Edith" Jean Stapleton was in it.

LL Cool Joe said...

Well he isn't my type, but still. :D

It's a shame your ornament got broken, but I'm glad it didn't hold any sentimental value, that's something you cant put a price on.

Good luck with the surgery!

oklhdan said...

Good luck with your surgery and hope you have a speedy recovery!