Saturday, June 07, 2014

Nothing Going On Here....

Life has been rather dull this week. I am expecting my new recliner to be delivered, but it has not come and I am trying to be patient. (It's not working well at all.) 

Our twin grandchildren graduate from high school tomorrow. And yes, I am going to ask "Where does the time go?" and "It was just last week that they were born, wasn't it?" Eighteen years - in the flash of an eye. The youngest grandchild graduated from 8th grade last week too. Soon she will begin high school and that is also a wonder, considering it seems like only a few months since she crawled into my lap to hear me read a story.

Will you tolerate more complaints about the cable company?  I keep threatening to switch to some other provider, but Mr. Kenju will not agree to change his email from the one the cable provides to something much simpler, like gmail. His main problem with changing is that all of his friends and correspondents know his email now and if he changes it, they would not "change" along with him, and all his email would go awry. I say if they are unlikely to make a note of his new email, they can call on the phone. I know if I could get him to change he'd love it, as gmail is much more user-friendly than the one he has now. Anyway, our cable box bit the dust last night - in mid re-boot - and we were without TV  (in the den) all evening. I admit that didn't bother me one bit - I read or messed on the computer. Mr. Kenju was not happy, however. He thinks he has to hear/see the news, otherwise the world might end and he wouldn't be aware of it. If the world is ending, I rather NOT be aware of it.....LOL

I called technical support for our cable, but that didn't work (as usual) and the person with whom they connected me lives somewhere in Outer Mongolia, and has only learned a few words of English in the last month, all of which were on the script she was reading in response to everything I told her. Blah! I hung up in frustration. Now baby daughter enters the story. She retrieved our cable box and remote this morning, exchanged them for new ones and hooked them up expertly, or so Mr. Kenju said. I was not home when she returned. There is much we owe to this child, and this is another occasion for gratitude. There is much we owe to all three of our children - so I am not forgetting the other two. 

Here's hoping that your week has been more exciting, more productive and more serene than mine!


Ginnie said...

How sweet to have twin grandchildren graduating. Where are the pictures?

Granny Annie said...

You can have a gmail address regardless of who your service provider is. Jim doesn't have to have one too.

I so remember when the grandchildren would crawl in my lap for a story. Oh, choke, tear...they have grown too fast.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

"MERCURY RETROGRADE" is in full swing right nw---Expect more communication problems---I'm sorry to say----Nothing goes right during a Mercury Retrograde, ESPECIALLY with communication---like The Cable!
I hare my Cable company. And experience many of the things you mentioned....It Is MORE than Frustrating.

I read somewhere that a survey was done and Cable Company's have the WORST Customer Service complaints.
Time-Warner is the very worst of All! Don;t know if that's your carrier, but I empathize with you and Mr. Kenju---whoever your cable people are!
Thank God for smart Children!!!!
How she knew how to do thst is a Miracle!!!!

sage said...

Enjoy that chair and I am probably like Mr. K, slow to change!