Monday, May 26, 2014

The Farmer's Market

is always a busy place - even on a holiday. My son and I went there this morning, and I  bought fresh asparagus, kale and tomatoes, and he got a 6-pack of the strongest ginger ale I have ever had. I have loved ginger beer and ale since I was a young child and I didn't think you could get it too strong for me  (or for Mr. Kenju, who loves it as much as I do) but this one is nearly so. The brand name is Blenheim and it is made in South Carolina, in case you've been craving some, as I had. But prepare yourself for watery eyes and a burning tongue.....LOL

The pretty poppy in the photo was in the large bouquet for flowers I got. I have not had fresh flowers in the house in months and I don't know why. Too cheap to spend the money that is the usual reason. I meant to buy plants for the deck and the front stoop, but there were so many people milling about that I couldn't make a decision about which ones to buy. I will have to go back some morning when there are fewer people and I can see them better.  I want herbs in pots for the deck and flowers too. They have to be things that can withstand constant sun, so I am thinking of getting geraniums and I'd love some lantana. Part of my trouble is that I want some of everything I see and there isn't room for it here. In our last house, the deck was 2000 square feet and I could never have filled it with plants, as everything I bought still looked too small. Woe is me.....the grass is always greener on the other side.  

Darren and I went to the Market Restaurant and opted for breakfast. I had scrambled eggs with a bacon biscuit - the largest I've ever seen. He had a garden omelet and toast. There is certainly nothing wrong with the quantity of the food they serve, except that I need to stop eating so much and cut down on the almost nightly ice cream sundaes. I have regained all the weight I lost last summer when we moved, I'm sad to say.

Dinner tonight will be meat loaf, fresh kale sauteed with bacon, steamed asparagus and maybe some fresh oregano and sliced tomatoes. Don't you want to join us?  There may even be ice cream sundaes for dessert. 


Shiny Rod said...

always love the farmers market. course I love cooking fresh food any way... :)

Star said...

On my way :)

OldLady Of The Hills said...

How wonderful that you have a Farmer's Market fairly close by....!
FRESH Everything! Yummmmm!
I understand the Ice Cream Sunday on a daily basis----Unfortunately I have discovered this Caramel Ice Cream with little bits of Chocolate in it that has me hooked!!! And it's like the perfect balance of flavors....I'M SORRY TO SAY!!! (LOL)
I hope you find the plants you want, soon, my dear Judy.

Celia said...

We have one too, missed it this weekend but plan to go on the next. What beautiful flowers.

Celia said...

We have one too, missed it this weekend but plan to go on the next. What beautiful flowers.