Monday, November 11, 2013

There is a story on ABC today about Amy Robach. Amy was talked into having the first ever mammogram on air  for Breast Cancer month. Her co-workers reasoned that she is 40, the age that women are urged to have a mammogram, and she had not had one yet. So she agreed - and they found cancer. 

I wish her all the best for the future - her surgeries and treatments will not be easy. 

My problem with it is a comment I saw about the article (on Facebook):" Someone said "God bless you, Amy" and a reply under that said "God didn't bless her when he gave her cancer, so why should he bless her now?"      How sad is that?          

I just checked, and that comment has already been removed. There was an almost instant response to that comment, by me and others. I guess the commentor - Helen - thought better of it and deleted it. 

Where do people get the idea that God gives us illnesses and problems? Our troubles are all the result of our actions and thoughts and choices. God gave us freewill.....and we always have to face up to the choices we make....sooner or later.....whether bad or good. 

God is love. God is good......always. He gives us life and we make of it what we make of it. Please don't blame your troubles and your illnesses on God. 


kenju said...

If you don't believe in God....take your comments elsewhere.

Celia said...

Amen Judy.

Granny Annie said...

God gives us the ability and strength to face our difficulties but does not give us our difficulties.

Arkansas Patti said...

Grannie Annie said it well.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Judy dear, It sounds like you are saying that this woman brought her illness--in this case cancer--on herself. And that we are all responsible for whatever befalls us.
I believe in God and I certainly don't think God gave her cancer or gives anyone cancer or any other illness----but I also don't believe she gave herself cancer, by her choices or her behavior.....That is not to say that some of our behavior can and might lead to certain illnesses---Smoking, for instance, certainly can lead to lung cancer and smoking is a choice we make....But, how about the people who have never smoked yet get Lung cancer. Second hand smoke---we know now----is very dangerous and can cause lung cancer and other very terrible illnesses, like Emphasyma. But I find it kind of harsh to think that all of our ills are brought on by our behavior or by the choices we make....Being ill with any life threatening illness is very very hard to deal with; to think one has brought this on themselves is a burden on top of the illness, to heavy to bear, in my view---If I have misunderstood what you said, I'm sorry....but that is how it sounded to me reading it here.

sage said...

Not being God, we don't know the whys behind what most tragedies occur. But I do believe that God's shoulders are big enough to take our complaining and even blaming him--certainly the Psalmists got on God's case when things weren't going their way--what's important isn't that we try to hold GOd blameless (God can take care of himself), but that we don't abandon God. For whatever the cause of tragedy may be, God also promises to be with us through it all. Sermon over... :)

Pat said...

I'm with you about the free will but also think Naomi makes a valid point.
Three of my friends have had breast cancer and also one of their daughters. None of them deserved it and have coped very bravely and - hopefully have beaten it.