Saturday, November 09, 2013

Paparazzi........Circa 1940

My mom, wheeling me in a stroller in downtown Charleston, WV, in 1941. 

Back in that era, there was a roving photographer taking candid photos of random people on the street, and offering them as postcards to the subjects. I'd liken them to the paparazzi of today, except they didn't endanger life and limb and they didn't seek out celebrities, but common folk. 

If you are old enough, you remember the days when people didn't venture out of their homes without being fully and well dressed, including hats and gloves. My mom was not wearing gloves here, but I had my mittens on. I find the casual dress of today makes for an easier life, but I admit to missing the days when we dressed up. I think there is a correlation between the lack of manners and rude behavior that we see daily and the state of dress we currently employ. People who are dressed up seem to behave better, don't you think?  


Betty said...

I agree. The way people dress today makes me believe they have no self-respect.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

They DO behave better, as long as they are not drunk...! (lol) That is such a sweet picture, Judy....I like the more casual approach, too, though I do miss the Dressing Up sometimes, as well....Of course, It really doesn't effect me, since I cannot go anywhere.

Gilly said...

Judy, I just love your bonnet! And your Mother's hat - absolutely up to the top fashionable!

I love seeing old photos, preferably the casual ones. Studio ones are usually too starchy and posed.

I think today's dress is way too casual, especially young men's where their trousers are halfway down their behind/bum/ass! But they are desperate to be dressed like their "tribe" or "clan". My grandson, who is the most polite, helpful and good lad wears his jeans halfway down his aforementioned part of anatomy! Its what he and his friends do. But I don't like it! Hopefully fashions will change and they will all pull their trousers up!!!!

Granny Annie said...

It always feels better to dress nice and it does enhance our self respect. The problem being we sometimes get all dolled up and take a strong position of looking down our noses at others who, perhaps, have no means to dress any better.

I did love wearing gloves and hats to church when I was a child. They were no longer the fashion when I was a teen.