Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Odds and Ends

Some of you may have other ideas, but I submit that clean windows are near the top of my list of life's treasures. Considering that we haven't had very clean windows for quite a long time, I am walking from room to room just reveling in the fact that our windows now sparkle.

The cleaners arrived at 8:45 am and didn't depart until 4:30 today. Many windows plus storm windows and doors later, they left, looking much like the worn-out damp rags they had used. It only got to about 82* today, but the humidity was insufferable. They spent the morning in the house while it was cooler, and the afternoon out in the heat and damp. They also cleaned out our gutters (which we had failed to schedule when we first made the appointment) and after one storm window was broken, they agreed to trade us the cost of the gutter cleaning for the broken window - which was fine with me. 

I packed some more stuff today, but I didn't have the physical wherewithall to take it to the new place today. There will be time for that tomorrow. I hope.   I am meeting daughter one there in the morning, to unpack boxes, etc. Mr. kenju wants to go with me. He seems to have finally warmed to the idea that we're moving, although at first I thought I might have to drag him, kicking and screaming, to the new house when the time came. 

I advertised a chandelier on Craigslist and a lovely couple came to see it tonight. It is Victorian, and several realtors advised us to take it down and replace it with something more modern, in a bronze or brushed aluminum finish, as that would appeal more to younger buyers. I am going to take great pleasure in telling our realtor that the chandelier was bought  (we hope) by a very young couple, with a darling baby, who are building a home and making it look old, as they said. I was going to call an electrician to remove it and install the new one, but I told this guy if he could take it down and put up the other one, I'd knock $25 off the price. 

Speaking of realtors, why does blogger think it is spelled wrong? Every time I type the word, the red squiggly line appears underneath. Get a clue, blogger. 

Television is even more of a vast wasteland this time of year. We get something like 700 channels, and yet I can't find much I want to waste my time on. Mr. kenju keeps his nose stuck in old movies all the time, and I like them, but I prefer something more modern, as a rule. 

My high school reunion  (#55) is coming up next month and I am looking forward to it. Gone are the days when I obsessed over my appearance, weight, clothing, etc. in preparation for a reunion. I really do hope that everyone agrees and follows suit......LOL. After many years of Saturday night dinner dances, the committee has chosen to have the event in a much less formal venue and the clothing will of necessity be less fancy than usual. I, for one, approve of that decision, especially since my formal wardrobe is sadly lacking  (except for a mother-of-the-bride dress, which I will likely never wear again.) What's in your closet?


Celia said...

Oh dear, you don't want to know what's in my closet. Wear to the office clothes from 1995, dancing shoes from the 70's that I haven't been able to part with yet and the grandgirls love. And I still have my mother of the bride dress from 18 years ago. Hopeless, just hopeless.

lucylocket said...

I, too, had a problem with "realtor." I did a bit of research and discovered that the word "Realtor" should always be written with a capital "R" since it is a trademark of the US National Association of Realtors. Try that and see if it corrects the error.

Miss Dazey said...

I need to get on the computer and catch up. Where are you moving? I understand everything you are going through. Mr. Bruce and I moved 6 months ago.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

What's in my closet? Lots and lots of clothes I never!

As to TV---I'm with Mr. Kenju, TCM is the channel that gets a real workout ALL the time!

Hoping that lovely young couple buys that Beauty!

The thought of starting to unpack the boxes must be pretty overwhelming...Much Good Luck, my dear.

Arkansas Patti said...

I would definitely rub the youngster's interest in the chandelier in to the realtor.
Glad Mr. Kenju is getting with the move. Him dragging his feet could be a bummer for you both. Change can be exciting.
Hang in there.

sage said...

Sounds like a lot is going on in your life... Clean windows are nice (and then the sun changes a bit and you see a streak).

Ginnie said...

Oh my gosh Judy, I must be behind times. I had no idea you were moving. That's a huge job !