Sunday, July 14, 2013

Have I Mentioned this Lately?

I have been selling stuff on Craigslist. I've been pretty lucky so far; people who said they were coming to look at things actually did show up  (and buy)  most of the time. But there is always one guy who shakes your faith in humanity, and I found him. He responded via email on June 27th to my ad, and after numerous messages, promising to come and see/pay for/take out the desk - he didn't actually show up in person until tonight. 

His new secretary  (he has a service business) wanted a desk; she had been working on a very small table, to hear her tell it, and he promised if she would find a desk for sale, he would buy it. He could have had this desk on June 28th, but he has diddled around for 17 days. He sent the secretary here last week with  $15 more  than I had asked for the desk, to appease me and beg my patience until he could get it out of here. I gave them an ultimatum - Sunday or not at all - and no refund. He was asked to be here at 8:30 am and he called at 7:30 pm and asked if he could come. I was tempted to tell him it was too late, but I really want the desk out of the office so I can begin to clean and clear it for the upcoming move. So I said okay and I was not at all certain he would actually show up. I am thankful that he did, and that he used care in getting the desk down the stairs without banging the walls. 

Early this morning, a guy came to buy the Victorian chandelier that he and his wife saw three days ago. He agreed to remove it from the ceiling and also install the new chandelier, so I dropped the price by $25. This guy has fully restored my faith in humanity. He called me several times and always let me know a few minutes before he would be arriving and if he was running late. He was very careful with the new lamp and I am so thankful for him.

My sofa didn't sell, mainly because people kept trying to get me to drop the price to a ridiculous level, and one guy insisted I find someone to help him transport it out of the house, because he is new to the area and doesn't know anyone. I think not....LOL After all that, one of my children decided to take the couch, and I'd much rather it go to one of them!

The first guy who came to look at my husband's desk and office furniture was so very nice, as was the guy who bought my mother-in-law's old console TV so he could make a dog bed out of it.  (Did you know that's one purpose they are being used for now?)

Clearly, I had both good and bad experiences, and I think the good outweighed the bad. Life is good. 


Miss Dazey said...

Completely understand what you are going through. (Having just gone through our move a few months ago). I admire you using Craigslist. Always be afraid of it, although rest of family use it.

Are all the big pieces gone? btw, did you get a condo?

LL Cool Joe said...

I saw that on Manteresting. It seems it's the in thing to convert old tv sets into dog beds. And old computers into fish tanks!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I don't know how you have done all this Judy...! YOU are Amazing! And it sounds like you have done incredibly well...! Congratulations to you, my dear....!

Arkansas Patti said...

Have never tried Craig's list. Might try.
Just think, that guy might have been a jerk but at least you don't work for him like his secretary has to.
I'll have to check out that dog bed thingy.

Celia said...

You must be relieved to have your extras out the door. I've never used Craigslist, glad it was so successful for you. May you live happily ever after in your new home.

Gilly said...

There's always somebody like your first buyer! I do wonder what they actually have between their ears! My daughter found the buyer from hell over her house! Luckily they now have another one.

Where do these people spring from???

Pat said...

How on earth do you make a dog bed out of a TV?
I'm boggling at that one:)

Carmi Levy said...

My parents had a console TV when I was a munchkin, and I can totally see how it could become a great dog bed. I'm guessing the console stereo (oops, they called it a hi-fi back then) could be used for a similar purpose.

I love that you always find the good in people. Online services expose us to all kinds of people, yet you manage to relate the experience with a positive, life-affirming tone. No wonder you're always such an inspiration, Judy.

Ginnie said...

You will be so glad when all of this is over. Have you got to the point where it feels good to cut back? I love it and it is so freeing.