Sunday, March 31, 2013

What's New With You?

Here's hoping all of you had a good Easter weekend. Our weather was perfect on Saturday; sunny and warm, but Sunday, we woke to rain, although the temperature was moderate. 

We went out to dinner on Friday night with the family, to celebrate our older grandson's 19th birthday.  (How is it possible that it was 19 years ago? I remember it so very well.) Sushi and various tempura dishes filled the tables as eleven of us chowed down. My
scallops were tender and juicy and grilled to perfection.

Unfortunately, my car started making a funny noise on the way to the restaurant. It sounded like there were sirens way off in the distance. I rolled the window down to hear it better and then we realized it was coming from  the car - not far away. Daughter Two drove us home in her car that night, and on Saturday, she took our car to a mechanic to get checked. The guy said that the pump for the power steering fluid was going bad and needed to be replaced - but he also said it wasn't an emergency. He was nice enough not to charge her for that assessment. 

On Saturday afternoon, we had company; a guy with whom mr. kenju went to college, and his lady friend. It's a sweet story:  they dated in college many years ago and hooked up again at our 50th Georgetown reunion last May. They were on their way north after spending the week at the coast of NC, and stopped to visit. Accompanying them was her 8 month old Portuguese water dog, who we put into our fenced back yard. He was having none of it. When he finally got used to the idea of being out there alone, the guy went out to amuse the dog for a bit. He threw a tennis ball, and the 40 lb.  dog jumped out onto our pool cover - which is NOT one of the ones that is anchored to the deck surrounding the pool - it has water-filled tubes holding it in place. After the rambunctious dog had jumped onto the pool cover at least 20 times, I thought surely with each succeeding jump it would go plummeting to the bottom of the pool, carrying a winter's worth of leaves, acorns, slime and crud with it. But, miraculously, it held fast. It is a bit too early to open the pool for the summer season, so we were glad the dog didn't do any damage  (at least none that we know of now.)

This morning, Daughter two picked us up to go back to her house for Easter dinner with the family. I had made green beans, and very good ones, if I do say so myself. As it turns out, I should have made double the amount!  We had beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes,  hot rolls, apple pie, cream puffs and fresh lemonade, thanks to one step-grandson. He's very good with a juicer! Afterward, we watched basketball. This is March Madness, you know. 

When it was time to go home, mr. kenju was not fond of the idea of us driving back in my car. He was picturing what would happen if my power steering went out and we were on a major highway. We convinced him we'd be okay, and we were. The car didn't make the funny sound until we turned into our neighborhood, so we made it to the house almost without incident. Tomorrow morning, I will take it to our mechanic and pray it isn't going to cost a fortune (small or large) to fix. 

So how was your weekend? 


Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Glad you had a few successful days with family this weekend. I'm impressed that your kids are so willing to help with the car. I hope you can get it fixed soon so Mr. Kenju can rest easy.

Went out with my own family last night for my granddaughter's 26th birthday, and today was church--but no family gathering. My former son-in-law did come by to watch March Madness and hang out. He's a sweetheart. My eldest son and family come from Pt. Angeles, WA Tuesday and we are having another family get-together on Wed. night.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

It sounds like your weekend was a really nice one--outside of the Power Steering Fluid and the Rambunctious Portuguese Water Dog...

Mine was totally quiet and completely uneventful---which was just fine with me. I got to work on a few things and that felt good!

Star said...

Sunday was a lovely day filled with family and food. Thanks for asking. Glad yours was also.

Celia said...

Busy weekend here, returned grandkids to their parents Saturday. Got back home for food prep for family gathering Sunday at my son's inlaws, 24 people, whew! Wonderful weather, Easter egg hunt with many kids, including three babies.

Arkansas Patti said...

Hope your pool cover survived. I think the PWD is a smart looking animal if boisterous.
You certainly ate well. Not sure I can make it to lunch now after hearing about all the goodies.
How nice of your car to hold together for you. Hope it is minor.

robin andrea said...

We had a quiet weekend. Skyped with our beautiful grand-daughter and her lovely mom.

Good luck with the car. Sounds like a problem you'll want to get fixed before any incidents!

oklhdan said...

We had an enjoyable Easter with family. We also got some of that badly needed rain but at a price...hail. Hope the car doesn't cost too much to fix.

Ginnie said...

My weekend was very quiet ... esecially when compared to yours!
I think I would have been freaking out with the dog and the pool cover thing.