Friday, March 22, 2013

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Good:     Daughter One came to visit today and stayed four hours!!  That is an unheard of luxury for us and greatly appreciated. She usually has from one to four children accompanying her, but they were in school and she didn't have to work today - which doesn't happen often. We missed the children, but we will see them at the end of the month, when the oldest turns 19. I still remember the night of his birth as if it were last week, so it is a mystery to us how he got to be 19 so soon. 

More good: Son and His Family are coming tomorrow for a visit, as are Daughter Two and her dog, Molly. Son-in-law is on an annual golfing trip, during which he may nearly freeze to death, if reports are true. It will be 19* overnight where he is - certainly not golf weather. 

Bad:    A visit to the foot doc today found me to have a heel spur and Achilles tendonitis. I banged my heel and ankle on a metal plate on November while Christmas decorating, and the discomfort has not gone away, despite time spent with the foot elevated. I now own a pricey boot to sleep in; clearly the most expensive foot-wear I've ever shelled out money for. And the fact that it keeps my tendon from stretching is not a plus, in my book. However, the doc assured me it would help in the long run, so I must do it. I also have another pricey piece of clothing; a sock that cushions my heel when I must wear shoes that aren't backless. I am praying for good weather to come and stay, so that I can wear sandals and Crocs, and give my heel a rest. 

The Ugly:   The aforementioned weather. We are running from 10 to 20* below normal this week and on Sunday, we will have temps in the 30's and a cold rain all day. Really? Mother Nature, it is nearly the end of March and Raleigh and its environs are usually up into the 60's and 70's by now. I know those of you in the Northern realms will not sympathize with me about the weather, since you have been inundated with snow more times than usual this winter. But you are used to it and we are not. I have an attic and a garage that need cleaning out. So pretty please, Spring, pay us a visit before it is time for Summer!


OldLady Of The Hills said...

The Good sounds GREAT! The bad sounds HORRIBLE and the ugly sounds very very UGLY! Is Spring just around the corner??

John said...

I'm glad you're getting to see your kids. I need to go visit my Mother! I think she will be as happy about a visit as you.

So sorry to hear about your foot. You waited too long to have it looked at! Sounds like something I would do.

I feel the same way about this cold weather! Hopefully this weekend's will be the last snow of the season.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Sorry to hear about your foot, Judy, and the weather. Good news about the kids visiting.

grannymar said...

Mind that foot!

I feel your pain about the weather. We are living in blizzard conditions for several days now with road closures, high winds and 40,000 homes in Northern Ireland still off power. I am happy! The power is back (for me) this morning. Staying safe and warm indoors today.


Star said...

Do what you gotta do for that foot. Maybe the cold is a blessing since you need to be resting it, and the nice weather would temp you to be up and out. Here in Pa., Punxatawney Phil has been indicted for lying on ground hog day.

Granny Annie said...

I had my son and one grandson last weekend, then my daughter and granddaughter visited Sun, Mon, Tues. Those visits are priceless.

Foot pain is the worse pain in the world. So sorry you have suffered so long.

We are expecting rain today and SNOW tomorrow. We already had freezing rain on the 21st!!!

Peruby said...

Heel/foot problems are NO fun! Heal (I almost spelled that heel) quickly.

Arkansas Patti said...

Ouch, tendonitis is hard enough,Achilles tendonitis has to be the pits. I'd paste some funky flowers on the boot to spruce it up. Do what you have to Judy to get better.
How nice to see your daughter one on one and know you will enjoy your Easter company.
We have snow on the ground here. Weird weather, huh?

sage said...

I hope your foot problems get settled, sounds painful. I also hope the weather improves as we're heading that way after Easter--hopefully the azaleas will be beautiful in Wilmington when we are there.

LL Cool Joe said...

I'm sick of this weather. We are having more snow now, at the end of March! It's crazy. This time last year we experienced a heat wave.

I hope your foot get's better very soon, sounds nasty. Glad you had some good news too!

Angie said...

Just dropped by from visiting Patti 'The New Sixty' glad I did ...great blog ...except the post about the mice ....couldn't use the sticky traps ...bit of a softy.
Saw your comment about gardening and your back ...thats my problem too the minds willing but the back adds 20 years to my physical ability ...and my garden is tiny against feel better about it I tend to say we have a wildlife preserve ...everything insects love and some of the local homeless felines too.
Hope your heel is better soon Take care. xx

Ginnie said...

As you know I just live down the road from you so I'm experiencing the same weather ... but I don't want to rush the warmth ... it gets hot way too quick for my taste.
Nice that you had the kids visit.

Gilly said...

Hope the foot is improving. Tendons can cause a lot of Bad News!

Snow here and bitterly cold. Apparently feels like -7C out there. Which is about 20F I think.

We have got a bit of sun today, which makes it all look better so long as you are indoors!

Sally said...

I've had fun reading some of your posts. You might have fun linking up with Kati at for a Good, Bad, and Ugly linkup she hosts on Mondays!

It's a fun post to write.