Friday, December 14, 2012

Random Musings

Time is passing faster and faster these days. Are you noticing?  I seem to be counting the weeks from Tuesday to Tuesday; the night I have to take out the trash for Wednesday morning pick-up. I don't know why that stays with me, except that I note the weeks are getting shorter and shorter in-between Tuesdays. Isn't it depressing that that is how I am measuring time?  It is to

Sammy,  the vagabond visitor cat came to see us early this morning. It had been raining overnight, and his feet were wet and so cold as to feel almost frozen. He didn't protest a bit when I picked him up and wrapped him in my plush robe for warmth. He was hungry, but he let me hold him for almost 5 minutes before he jumped down and ran to the food bowl. After filling his belly, he got on my chair in the kitchen and slept all day, barely rousing (according to mr. kenju)  until I came home from work at 4pm. Molly, our grand-dog will be here for another extended visit tomorrow, so Sammy will find nothing to welcome him but a snarling dog. Molly doesn't suffer cats well at all  (any more than I suffer fools.)

Christmas is nearly upon us and I don't have any decorations up yet. I say it every year, and it is still true:  with as much Christmas decor as I do at work, I've little interest in doing it at home. We are not having our family celebration here at our home this year, so I could get away with not decorating at all - if it weren't for Mr. kenju - who is more like a child than a child at Christmas. He wants our home decorated as thoroughly as all the other places I do - and it ain't gonna  BUT.....I will give in and do it in a few days...I always do, and then lament the fact that there will be no one here to see it except us. 

I worked from 9:45 to nearly 3pm today and then went to the grocery store on the way home. I sat down in my chair to check email and play my word games, and my eyes got very heavy, so I shut down the computer and took a nap from 4:30 to 6:10pm. I made dinner (tacos) and got back in my chair with dessert and coffee, again picking up the computer. My eyes shut again, so I took another nap from 7:15 pm to about 9:45, waking briefly to catch the last few minutes of General Hospital on SoapNet. I tried to stay awake, but I fell asleep again and didn't wake up until after 11:30pm.  I decided I'd probably be up for the night, unable to sleep after all those naps, but now I'm getting droopy-lidded again. Maybe I can hope for a semi-full night of sleep after all. 

Friends of ours who live in a neighboring county buy sausage every December that is made  nearby from freshly dressed hogs. Do you like sausage?  You haven't lived until you have had really fresh sausage, made with no fillers and no preservatives. This stuff is great!! They give us some for Christmas every year and I portion it out and freeze it so that it will last all year long. Yesterday, I fried some and we had it for dinner, then I had it for bed-time snack, breakfast, lunch and another bed-time snack. I think I could eat it at every meal for weeks and not get tired of it! I was looking forward to making sausage dressing for  the Christmas dinner turkey, but we are not doing dinner here this year, the family is going out to eat. I think that stuffing will have to accompany some other meal this season, no matter when it is. I can't wait. 

My family makes fun of me for staying on the computer so much, but just this morning I saw some videos that made me laugh (and also learn something) and I thought to myself..."I LOVE this computer!!"  It brings laughter, joy, learning, friendship and so much more and I cannot imagine my life without it ever again. There, I've said it. Pffffffft to those who tease me (or call me an addict). 


OldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm with you about the computer, Judy...There is so much out there that comes in to me here---It Is GREAT!

I love that you could nap like that! I wish I could. I get one nap a day---in the evening, while I watch something on TV. I usually sleep about an hour or sometimes an hour and a half!
You work so hard, my dear, it's amazing that you aren't even more tired.

Time is fleeting by for me, too....And I am shocked that tomorrow is Friday, again...! And Christmas will be here in a minute-and-a-half!!!

Gilly said...

I agree Judy, the computer is great! I have more net friends than in real life. How pathetic does that sound??? But I can't get out as much as I did, or take on as much as I used to, so I am just happy I can have connections with people all over the world just by sitting at my computer!

We are on our own for Christmas, for a very sad reason which I don't want to post in public, and I don't feel like doing much decorating! But I probably will in the end! I have cleaners once a month (it is hard for me to manage) and they come on Monday, so I will wait until after they have been before I put up cards, and maybe a few decorations. Cards yes, decorations, maybe!

Granny Annie said...

I was shaking my computer a bit yesterday saying, "Judy get home from work!!" Now I know you were simply sleeping on and off.