Sunday, June 24, 2012

Two New Things

We had two firsts today..... One: my younger daughter brought her new dog for a visit. This dog is one she marries along with her new husband and his two boys, (come August) and she is trying to acclimate Molly to our house. We may be keeping Molly occasionally, when they are out of town. But Molly will take a lot of acclimating and she's already on Prozac and wearing a "thunder shirt."

She is three years old, but there are a lot of things she has never experienced, such as other dogs (up close and personal) and walking on a leash. She has been used to a fenced back yard, but was not taken on walks, and she seldom saw people other than her immediate family. This is proving to be a problem.

I told my daughter to bring her into our fenced back yard first - and I had an ulterior motive - Molly tends to pee and more when she is nervous (and boy was she ever nervous!!) It was a very good decision on my   

I had a pan of water ready for her, but she wasn't having any of it. Eventually, we let her in the house and after running a route all though the house, upstairs and down and then doing it all again and again, she calmed down enough to lie on the couch with me and be petted. After a total stay of about 90 minutes, she seemed relatively happy to be there, although she didn't want to let my daughter out of her sight. I am hoping that after 4-5 more visits, she will be calm enough with us to stay a few days. If you dog owners have any tips for us, fire away!

Two:  A new restaurant opened near us, in the former cafeteria we loved so much (it was cheap, had decent food and was close to home.) This one is called Hibachi Buffet, and mr. kenju thought it was Japanese and was expecting the same foods we are used to at Kanki. We went there for dinner and it is no such thing. It is typical Chinese buffet fare all the way, except for the sushi/sashimi bar. We left with full stomachs, but less than satisfied taste buds. When I asked mr. kenju if he wanted his fortune cookie, he said "No, I already know what it says."  I asked him what - and he answered...."We won't be here in six months."


Carolyn said...

Mr. kenju may be right! There was one similar to that name here that is now gone.

Molly sounds a lot like Daisy. She has no other dog socialization except w/Ginger. She went to 'school' for 2 classes at PetSmart. After 3 wks each time she got used to some of the dogs, but never to others. But it may be worth a try for them to take Molly to a class & see if they can help socialize her. Once she calms down the pee'ing should be under control, unless Prozac is affecting her organs. Good luck!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Poor Molly....She sounds like such a sweet dog but with social problems. I haven't any advice, my dear---I wish I did.

Too bad that restaurant wasn't all that good. It's always disappointing when a new place turns out to NOT be what you hoped for.

Granny Annie said...

Start watching Dogs In The City on Wednesday evenings.

Star said...

Those Hibachi buffets are opening up here too. I am not one for buffets so I doubt I will try it out.

sage said...

Sounds like our dog and that's why he goes to the kennel when we travel. Mr. Kenju sounds like he could have a promising carer as a fortune cookie author.

Lynn said...

I am wondering what a thunder shirt is. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kenju--I'm puzzled as to why comments from last September are attached to your posting just previous to this one!
Cop Car

Arkansas Patti said...

Ha ha, loved Mr. Kenju's remark.
Smart of you to acclimate the dog gently.
I always wondered if those Thunder Shirts worked. I used to have a dog terrified of storms. Mighy however is oblivious.

Pat said...

Sounds like you have a new grand-dog:)

Darlene said...

Maybe the dog whisperer from "Dogs In the City" can give you a few tips on acclimating your visiting dog. Some dogs are just plain nervous when in different surroundings and you are doing the right thing to make your home familiar to the dog.

Nancy said...


I have seen the Dog Whisperer in "Dogs in the City" and he is very good. He makes all the dogs he trains behave;no barking,no peeing or pooping in the house, and no chewing up shoes or other articles of clothing.

Then, just like Supernanny Jo Frost,the minute she or he leaves the house, all the kids and dogs revert back to their original misbehavior and everything they taught the kids and dogs to do is down the drain.

Run,run for your life from that dog!

rennratt said...

Have your daughter 'wear' an old blanket around her neck/sleep on it (over her pillow) to cover it with her scent. Have her leave the blanket with Molly when she comes to visit. That way, her "person" will be just a smell away.

Also have puppy toys and snacks at the house; grand-dogs are like grandkids. They like to be spoiled.