Thursday, March 15, 2012

As you can see (if you come here often), I've been messing around with the blog again. I think 3-4 months of one color and template is about all I can handle. It's a good thing it is so easy to change. I wish my interior wall colors were that easy to change! I'd do it twice a year. 

I worked today. They have a party Friday night that requires about 75 cylinder vases that are banded with ribbon and then the ribbon is overlaid with rhinestone bands. Guess who was tapped to do the ribbon and rhinestone gluing?  Yours truly. It's messy and takes a while, and the regular designers don't usually have time to do that tedious work. I don't mind it, though. It was easier today than it was the last time I did it - when we had a power outage in the area and we had to work by what light managed to come in through the open back door. That was a challenge. 

Our younger grandson is in a band concert this weekend, and we are going. I can't wait to see him play. This kid is so good and he loves his horn. I can easily imagine him being a musician for life. A granddaughter (his twin) has tried out for a class musical production and got a part! That won't take place for a while yet, but we are looking forward to seeing her also. I keep wanting to say "Who knew?!" We had no idea she was even interested in such a thing. Kids will surprise you sometimes! 


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Pretty New Design, Judy...As you know, I never change my design---and I guess it's because I colaborated with the designer and got it just where I wanted it---And, I am a creature of habit. If it feels good and is comfy--I stick with it.
I find it so interesting that evryone IS different, and I like that! So....enjoy your New Look, my dear....!

Gilly said...

Those banded cylinders sound like hard and fiddly work!

And congratulations to your grandchildren - they sound very gifted. You will love hearing/seeing them!

Arkansas Patti said...

Hope you got to sit while gluing.
Goodness what talented Grands. Enjoy that concert.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

WTG for the grandkids. I love it when children do something "out of the box". It takes courage to step outside the regular confines. (I know, b/c I was always the "behind the scenes" kid...never brave enough to get "out there.")

Star said...

Looks good Judy. You are braver than I am. Enjoy your weekend!

Darlene said...

Both of my kids were musicians and I attended more band concerts (and symphonies) than I care to remember.

My son did become a professional musician. Take it from one who knows; it's a rough life and highly competitive. I have often wished that I had never paid for all of those lessons. ;-)

Pat said...

Like Naomi I keep the same design but hers is lovely and mine is unutterably plain.
Lovely fun with the children.