Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Decor 2011 - Part One

The five foot wreath behind the reception desk at The Cardinal Club

The winding staircase

A six foot diameter wreath

Poinsettias at Sullivan's Steak House

Sullivan's Bar

Sullivan's kitchen viewing area

Sullivan's wine cellar

A pair of small trees flanking the entry to the bar.

A funny conversation was overheard today while decorating. Two sous chefs were talking and one said..."You aren't married, are you?" and upon hearing the other one say no, he asked..."Then, why do you wear a ring?" The guy said, "Because my girlfriend knows I won't marry her for a long time, and she asked me to wear the ring as a sign to other women to lay off." I was standing very close to them and couldn't help overhearing, nor could I help laughing. The guy continued...." We've been together for eight years, and it took me seven years to propose - so it might take seven more for me to actually get married." I laughed again and said "Good luck with that."  If I were that woman, I'd tell him to fish or cut bait!  He must think he is a very good catch, if he expects her to wait that long for him! Sheeeesh! Would you?

NOTE: all work is done with/for Dogwood Tree Floral (Mel Day)


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...Well, a lot would depend on the man and the relationship and the cirumstance....I actually married a couple, (many many years ago) who had been together about 15+ years...The man said he would never marry again---She hung in there and they are STILL very much married after over 20 all depends. Funny overheard conversation though....

BEAUTIFUL Decorations, Judy, as always....That small tree is really lovely....!

Grannymar said...

I'd pull in the line, if I was that young lady! LOL.

I love my journey each year through your Holiday decorations. Great start!

Gilly said...

I just LOVE that top wreath, the colours are so beautiful!

Sounds like a bit of a committment phobia there! No way would I want him, now or in 7 years time!

Granny Annie said...

I have heard many "fish or cut bait" stories and as soon as the woman gave up, the relationship ended and shortly thereafter the guy married someone else. No joke. I also think in this day and time as many women are fearful of commitment as men.

Anonymous said...

Judy--To each her own. Truly, I see no reason to be married if one does not wish to produce joint children.
In my experience (four valid proposals), guys are more anxious to get married than are gals - having, in general, more to gain from it. OTOH: I think that "marriage" should be performed as a religious ceremony (if desired) and confine the State to recognizing legal unions - which should be different (in which case, replace "reason to be married" with "reason to obtain legal union").
I've never lived with a man to whom I wasn't married as I think that muddies a woman's thinking.
Cop Car

Peggy K. said...

Wow, Judy, I'm drooling!! I'm not in the decorating mood as it is, and now I sure don't want to get out my ho-hum ones.

rennratt said...

If I had waited for a proposal, I'd still be single.

We've been married for 16 years, BTW.

[We actually began planning a wedding as a joke to freak my mum out. I thought it was a joke, anyway...until he took the time off from work to fly home!]

Pat said...

Frankly no.
The decor makes Sullivan's look very inviting and all the other pieces are charming.

LL Cool Joe said...

Hmm depends if the person was worth waiting for I suppose. At least by the time they do marry they should be fairly certain they are right for one another!

Looking to the Stars said...

Love the pics, what beautiful work you do :)

boy, does that chef have an ego or what. I feel sorry for his girlfriend, I don't think he'll ever marry her. She should find someone else, she is investing time, love and energy into a toliet, what a shame.

Celia said...

Beautiful decorations, very elegant.

I wonder if the lady in question isn't ready to marry either. I'm comfortable with it until I htink about my many granddaughters and I'd want something better for them. I have aging friends who divorced and live together to protect their assets in case one of them gets seriously ill. Life is complicated.

tiff said...

Love those wreaths.

7 years and not even a proposal? Patience of a saint is required for that. Not me...

Mar said...

Gorgeous xmas decorations!! I am not a friend of long engagements, but to each his own!!