Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Two stacks of bricks were delivered today, and if it weren't going to be raining for the next 2-3 days, the masons could start constructing the new chimney. I guess it will get done some day.

Mr. kenju went out to his pipe and tobacco club meeting tonight, so my younger daughter and I had Mexican at my favorite place (chimichangas.) She made me call her when I got home......LOL. Who's the kid here?

The nail salon was busy today, and mr. kenju didn't want to wait in line for his pedicure. So I took him home and went back later. My feet looked and felt like hooves and I couldn't wait, since I am working every other day this week. My new polish is called "pearls in the sand" and I quite like the neutral color for the fall, not that I'll wear sandals much longer. 

It was cool here and having dressed for warmer weather this morning, I was chilly all day. When I got home from the nail salon, I wanted some hot tea. I poured water into the coffee pot and turned on the warming plate, while putting a mint tea bag and a packet of sweetener in my cup. I wish I had remembered to remove the coffee ground left over from the morning coffee. I was ticked at myself, but I poured the water/dilute coffee into the cup and believe it or not - it didn't taste half-bad!  I did what it was supposed to do:  it warmed me up, and the taste was interesting, to say the least. Have you ever had "mixed" drinks, when you didn't mean to?


Lynn said...

That sounds like some good mother/daughter time. And it's lovely that she wanted to know you are home safely. We do that in our family, too. My mother lives five hours away from me (she also has beginning stages of Alzheimers) and wants me to call when I get back to Atlanta after visits with her. Sometimes I'll call and say I'm back in town, but heading to the grocery store. "But who will know you got home safely from the grocery store?" No one, but it's sweet that she worries. :)

Arkansas Patti said...

How sweet that your daughter worries. Just humor her like she did you years ago.
Yes I have discovered some interesting combinations. Once after eating a "curiously strong mint", I then drank a cola and was wowed by the resulting sensation. I love a good accidental discovery.

Pat said...

Have you discovered a new libation?
Quick patent it. You could clean up:)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I LOVE that your daughter asked you to call her...Very Very Sweet, my dear....
That drink of yours sounds like a happy accident....I don't recall having one myself, at the moment...

Looking to the Stars said...

Yes, I have mixed a couple of beverages together. Mine was not pleasant, lol

We have my husband's parents call us also :)

My hubby smokes an epipe. I love the smell of a good pipe & the epipe's have that smell. My dad smoked a pipe & cigars. Its a smell I love :)

Construction always takes longer then you plan. I'm always glad when its over with :)

take care

Anonymous said...

Judy--Not by accident, but I sometimes go for the nostalgic in fixing a hot drink in winter. A retired doctor friend used to mix what he called "slop" to bring on birding walks on cold days. He shared it with my brother (whom the man practically adopted) and me. I fix a dilute tea, add a touch of instant coffee, a touch of Sanka, and a touch of cocoa mix. If it isn't too strong, it really tastes good on a crisp day.
Cop Car

Dianne said...

I need a pedicure so bad!!
even hooves look better than these feet

I love that your daughter wants you to call :)

LL Cool Joe said...

I love Mexican food, but the rest of my family don't seem to, so I rarely get to eat it.

How nice that your daughter worries about you. :)

I'm sure I've mixed a few drinks I shouldn't have over the years! :D

Grannymar said...

My daughter has turned into my mother and likes to check up on my various antics! LOL.

I wonder how many of the now famous cocktails came about from a moments distraction?