Thursday, January 18, 2007

Will Wonders Never Cease? :-/

I have been having a horrible time with my computer - and Blogger - and Haloscan - etc. for about 3 weeks now. I didn't connect it with anything in particular for a while, but then I read on someone's blog about how he had downloaded Internet Explorer 7 and what a pain it is. I think he removed it and that solved his problem. I had already downloaded it and I've been experiencing excruciating wait times for comment windows to pop open, and a few other problems as well. I had begun to think I had a virus, worm or adware.

There was at least one good thing about IE7, at that is it allows you to have open up to 4 windows at one time (with supposedly no degradation of speed). That way, I could open my blog, gmail, Bloglines and Michele all at the same time, and it was fairly easy to click from one to another. However, IE7 also provides a "phishing filter" which is supposed to weed out sites that do something bad (I can't remember what phishing is). When I loaded a blog or some site that I had not been to before, it took absolutely forever (well, it seemed like forever) to load. The little window across the bottom of the screen had a small square window with green waves going across it, to indicate that they were checking for "phishing". Well, Microsoft ought to get all the bugs out of it before it releases a new software, don't you think?? So, I wanted to get rid of this piece of crapola, but I was not clear on how to do it.

In our local newspaper, there is a weekly column called "Stump the Geeks". Maybe you have it too. Some wonderful person wrote to them, complaining about IE7, and on Sunday they gave instructions on how to delete it and go back to IE6. God bless 'em - I just did it and it worked and now I am back to the speed I used to have! It's so freaking fabulous it makes my head swim!

There is one more little thing, though, and I'm hoping one of you can help me. For the last 2-3 days, nearly everytime I get on the computer, I check to see if my firewall is on, and everytime it is OFF! Even though I have set it to be on and clicked okay. What is happening? Is it possible I could have a virus or worm or cookie that turns my firewall off? Would you advise me to turn off my computer every night, instead of leaving it on? HELP!


Laura said...

Two years ago, I picked up a type of spyware that completely hijacked my system and disabled my anti-virus as well, allowing me to pick up a fair number of viruses unknowlingly.
I had Nortons Antivirus at the time. Nortons would scan the entire computer, completely skipping the infected files.
After paying a lot of money to two different professonal computer pros, they finaly recommended a new computer all together. Since the computer was several years old, I opted to ditch it and start fresh.

I now have both antispyware and McCaffee set to run every single night before I sign off. They're both on automatic updates as well. I never, ever open attachments in emails, nor forwarded emails.

And I haven't used IE since we got new computers for both myself and the girls.

I ALWAYS use firefox.

Go into your firewall settings and take a look around, make sure it is set to stay on at all times.

Run your anti-spyware and antivirus programs. Webroot's SpySweeper is a good one. BitDefender is another good one.
Here's what I found out: some of the anti-spyware programs that are advertised on the internet are also spyware themselves.
so the rule of the thumb is not to download one off the internet but to buy one off the shelf.

If you do have a virus or spyware, System restore will save the virus settings when you shut it down at night. So you may need outside help. I'd definitely run the scanners, however.
GOod luck Judy! I'm so sorry this is happeneing!

Anonymous said...

OK, lost me at HALOSCAN. :)

Anonymous said...

I went to IE 7 also and hate it. Ever since it updated, I have to open the comments by right clicking and selecting "open in new window". Also since I use the new blogger, I have to click out of the comment and into comment using google login. Is that stump the geeks article online?

Anonymous said...

I can help you


Christine said...

Panthergirl, that is funny! Have you seen the new Steve Jobs & Bill Gates commercials? Good stuff.

I have to say that ever since I moved over to Mac...I have had so little problems with bugs and the like. It is not for everyone though. My main use is heavy graphics etc.

Good job though and glad you are back to having minimal or no problems. Nothing like computer problems to do your head in!!

trinamick said...

I'm glad you were able to uninstall. I just didn't have the patience past the first day, and I'm glad I got rid of it.

You may have a virus or spyware if your firewall is getting kicked off. works great for catching stuff you haven't even heard of. Also, I swear by AVG Free as my antivirus. I had nothing but problems when I ran Norton, but things cleared up when I switched to AVG.

Seamus said...

We have been having a boatload of problems with IE7 on my wife's work computer - screws with McAfee, Outlook and QuickBooksPro. I have been using Firefox and have had no issues for over a year - I'm switching hers over now and kicking IE to the curb. You won't regret switching.

rosemary said...

Ok, so I have no idea what you are talking about but phishing sounds like a really bad word. If they have to use initials and numbers for stuff eg: IE7 then they aren't smart enough to spell....hope that makes you feel better. Thank you for your supportive comments.

Anonymous said...

I'm here to visit you from Beverly's blog (Lachoochie Kid)...I've been having a lot of the same problems you'v described...I wish I had the Geeks!!
PS...even with a firewall I turn off my computer every night just to be safe...and I have also noticed when I leave it on it is slower the next morning.......

rosemary said...

So, I told my spouse about your problems and he told me if I had just read your blog carefully I would have seen that IE7 is Internet Explorer you watch Star Trek too????

Terri said...

As you know....we'd discussed my major problems with 7.0 last week. It's only been out about 6 weeks is what the Microsoft tech told me and there's still WAY too many bugs in it, all due to extra security.
After speaking with the tech, we did a system restore and I got back to my 6.0. NOT one problem since then. As I told you, I made a fatal mistake in upgrading. Never again!
Glad to hear you're up and running now. Not sure what your firewall problem is....that's why I go running to a tech whenever I have problems to help me

kenju said...

Tammy, I hope you come back to see this - I tried to leave a comment for you, but your window wouldn't open for me. (Grrrrr). Thank you for the visit. I leave my computer on because I have it set for automatic updates at 3am and virus checks, etc. I guess I could set that for daytime, aned turn the computer off everynight. I may have to do that.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could help...but I use a Mac and browse with either Safari or Firefox (or sometimes Flock). So I have no knowledge that is useful for you.

But I did want to thank you for stopping by my blog! Always nice to bump into someone new.

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy, glad to hear you can at least connect to holtieshouse again even if slowly.
The word ror the day FIREFOX.

Duke_of_Earle said...


Phishing is the name given to an attempt to get information from a computer user for identity theft. The most common phishing schemes are emails that look like they're from a legitimate company web site asking you to verify or re-enter account numbers, social security numbers, passwords, and so on. Though the website and the forms look legitimate, they're not, and your data goes to someone who will buy things in your name, open accounts with your information, and so on.

However, I turned off the "phishing filter" in IE7. I think it's a wasted effort to block the sites that seem to be trying to phish. And, it slows down your browsing.

To turn it off, at the top of your IE screen click "tools" then select the third item down the list, "phishing filter." Select "Turn off Automatic Website Checking," and you ought to have a much faster browsing experience.

As for the firewall, have you gone to the control panel, windows firewall, "advanced" tab, and selected "restore defaults?" That might solve the problem.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

OK, panthergirl is hilarious! GO APPLE!

Maverick Moon said...

It's very simple:

Firefox, Firefox, Firefox, Firefox, Firefox, Firefox, Firefox!

I tried Firefox two years ago and have NEVER GONE BACK!

No sudden crashes, no issues with any compatibility, no problems, nothing! It just works, it's awesome, and it has tabbed browsing....which is priceless to me!

Firefox, Firefox, Firefox!

And you do not have a virus, and it would more detrimental for you to turn off your computer every night than to leave it running & "sleeping".

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are great!! I'm the only one in my family that cares about our I get all the cool pictures. I just got a huge frame that looks like a giant holds 36 photos, and I'm currently filling it with b&w pictures. Love it.

srp said...

Number one... use Firefox... even Opera browser is better than IE.

Number two... you mentioned Haloscan... I have Haloscan instead of the blogger comments... but you do realize you have to have the blogger comments turned off for it to work. Your current comment box is Blogger, not Haloscan.

I too like Apple better than PC but have both... the Apple is in storage... as is most of my life.

PI said...

Would love to help but am clueless and get by on a wing and a prayer.

Maverick Moon said...

Kenju, installing firefox should not affect his genealology stuff at all, nor your or his email. If it does, just email me and I'll walk you through it! It should be simple as pie.

Shephard said...

Everyone's computers seem to be different these days.

For example... IE 7 won't let me post more than 8 photos in one blog-post, yet if I use Firefox/Mozilla as my browser, it's unlimited. And Mozilla has its anoyances as well. So I keep them both. I haven't had a lot of trouble with IE 7, but sometimes my Firewall is off for the first minute or so I turn on the computer, then it turns on. But I still get the "oh no, your firewall is off message" before.

For several weeks, I have not been able to go to Michele's website and comment. It stops dead after I type the comment. Same goes for anyone who is using Typepad. It makes me sad, but I have no clue what setting is preventing it. So, I just have to live with it.