Monday, January 08, 2007

I had to go to the dentist this morning, even though I have a cold. I called early, to give the dental hygienist the opportunity to tell me to stay home, but she assured me that she has taken all sorts of precautions not to get sick, and preferred that I keep the appointment. So I cleaned up and dragged my poor tired butt out to the car.

She started checking my teeth and said "Wow, they look great! What have you been doing differently? Your teeth have less than half the stains they had last time you were here (4 months ago)." I knew immediately what it must be; I tried a new type of toothpaste about 4 weeks ago and even though I really didn't like the taste of it, I had to use it until I could remember to buy a tube of my old type. So for at least 3 weeks, I've been using Crest "Pro Health", the one they are now hyping all over TV and print ads. I guess it really works.

Over the years, I have had a lot of trouble with my gums. My teeth don't get cavities anymore, but you know the old joke: "Your teeth are fine, but the gums have to go". I've had surgery after surgery, and finally I gave an ultimatum to the oral surgeon and my dentist of many years: "I will never again submit to oral surgery. If I keep my teeth, it will be through the combined efforts of my regular dentist and myself, and no one else. If I lose my teeth - so be it!"

That was about 17 years ago and I haven't lost any yet. So now that my gums are sort of under control, I discover a toothpaste that really does remove coffee stains and I hate, hate, hate the taste! What am I to do? Maybe I should write a letter to Crest, and tell them that if high sales of this new product are not sustained after a few more months, they should change the formula and add something that will make it taste good.

Most of you are too young to remember, but when I was a child there was a toothpaste called "Ipana". I can still conjure up the taste and smell of that product; I loved it then and I really do wish it was still available today. Maybe Crest ought to buy the formula from the old Ipana and combine the taste of one with the effectiveness of the other. By golly, that's the ticket! I'll keep you posted if they go for it.
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