Monday, January 08, 2007

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Stacie said...

I might have to try out this new Crest, even though I am forwarned of the taste, I am looking for a quick way to whiten up my teeth...I guess I could always follow up with Scope or something to end on a good taste?
(here by way of Shephards blogroll)

kenju said...

Stacie, I am using the new Pro Health Mouthwash too, and it tastes okay, unlike the toothpaste.

sage said...

I don't remember that toothpaste, but Bucky Beaver looks familar.

And I hate dentists and hygenists and anyone who wants to stick sharp metal pointed things in my mouth

Anonymous said...

Hello, Michele sent me.

I hate dentists :(

Seamus said...

Ha! I remember Ipana well!

I sure understand your nix on any more oral surgery! I had some done 16-17 years ago - it was the painful scare that prompted me to quit smoking - never looked back!

Yer all gonna think I'm weird, but I love having my teeth cleaned. ;)

Claude said...

OMG, am I happy I don't have a dentist appointment with the cold! That would be the last straw!
Maybe I should look into that toothpaste. You never know, I might even like the taste ;)
Hope you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's true then - things that are good for you really HAVE to taste bad adn things that are bad for you taste good!

Life is so unfair!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy, duh found it!! why is there two comment sections? did you do two separate posts?
We had Ipana toothpaste in Australia too so it must have been a big company I guess.

Anonymous said...

I love going to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. Ifi could I would go monthly. Nothing like that squeaky clean feeling when you walk out the door.

Granny Annie said...

I was ten years old when we got our first television. I remember coming home from school and seeing the installers putting our antenna on the roof of the house. I ran so fast I tumbled down the hill, staggered into the house, flopped in front of the TV and have been there since. Yes, I remember Bucky Beaver, Howdy Doody, Superman, Lone Ranger, Kraft Theatre, Imogene Coca, Milton Berle, etc., etc. Love anything that brings back those memories. Did you know you can still buy Winky Dink and You kits on eBay?

Raggedy said...

I am sorry you are still feeling under the weather. Get well wishes from our house to yours.
I will never have my gums worked on again either.
I will have to try that new toothpaste. Even if it does taste bad it sounds like it works.
I can't beleive anyone would fall for that scam on the earlier post.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

I just tried to comment at today's entry, but Blogger said the administrator had shut the comments. Given you are having problems with the company, I thought you might like to know. I sure like Typepad, but it does cost $4.95 a month, $8.95 if you want photo galleries.

I'm glad for this post about the toothpaste as I had never heard of that. I never heard of Ipana either; when I was a kid we actually used baking soda and salt. Did anyone else?

Hope you are feeling better.

srp said...

I remember the commercial but I don't remember ever using it.

I went to the dentist yesterday and ate breakfast before going because... well, we won't go into the because. My breakfast? Oatmeal with blueberries. Half way through I thought... now this was really a bright thing to eat just before the dentist... I guess it could have been worse... raspberries.

trinamick said...

I use Pro Health toothpaste and mouthwash also. But I actually like the taste of both. I think they actually work for me too.

utenzi said...

My favorite tasting tooth paste was Pearl Drops but it was so abrasive that it gave me lots of cavities so I only used it for a few months. That was over 30 years ago.

Beverly said...

i remember Bucky Beaver well.

Inanna said...

OMG! Its Bucky Beaver from "Grease!" One of the characters sang that commercial during the sleepover where Sandy gets her ears pierced.

Anyway, I need to try this Pro Health.