Sunday, December 10, 2006

How the Other Half.........

has us decorate for Christmas. This is one of the private homes I have been doing for about 5-6 years, with a friend and co-worker of mine. This is her client, and three of us decorate for two solid days - and we still aren't finished. It is a large home, and something is done on all three floors. Top: the lower level den mantel.

2. The main tree; fresh and full, with about 1,200 lights and 250-300 Christopher Radko ornaments. If you don't know about Radko ornaments, google him. They are hand-blown glass and richly painted. The stair rails are garlanded with faux greenery and studded with dried red hydrangea and red and gold silk ribbons. The garland extends all the way up to the second floor and continues on the full railing.

3. The bookcase/desk in the living room. The angel is about 3+ feet long, plus the horn. The top is festooned with faux garland studded with pomegranates, and red silk ribbon with gold cording and tassels.

4. The mantel upstairs, with golden pears and leaves accenting the faux garland.

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