Friday, December 29, 2006

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Merle said...

Hi Judy ~~ Thanks for your comments about 100 posts, well that is with Beta
and there were just over 250 before I
went to Beta. It is also my blogoversary but tonight I am unable to sign in and post about it. Peter set up my blog for Christmas 2005 and put a couple of posts on. My first was on 28th Decemer 2005.
Thank you for all your great posts and photos and your friendship over the year. The best part of blogging is the friendships we make. Take care Judy and I wish you a very happy, healthy
and prosperous New Year in 2007.
Love, Merle.

Alan G said...


Loved the "Non Sequitur" cartoon!

Anonymous said...

Love the English major one too. Being (an old) one, I can certainly attest to the truth of it, clothing wise anyway.

I was hoping to ask your advice, knowing how you've posted old family photographs before. I am trying to scan some my mom gave me from the 30's and 40's and am having trouble getting it right. Do you have a trick to get a good scan or edit. they all seem too bright or are blurry even after working the contrast.

Chancy said...


Come on over to my house for the traditional New Year's day dinner.
Blackeyed peas and ham hocks and rice and greens.

Just do not swallow the dime.

ER crowded on New Years.

thanks for your comments and for your blog and friendship during the year.

utenzi said...

Non sequitur is one of my favorite strips, Judy. I have it Emailed to me every day.