Sunday, November 12, 2006

Now I Ask You.....

But first - the story. This is a bruise on mr. kenju's shoulder.

He got this bruise from a flu shot - the first one he has ever had.

For ten days, he has done little else but look at it, rub it, whine about it, ask if it is normal, and threaten to have the nurse who gave him the shot fired (except he doesn't know her name).

So, I ask you:

Is Mr. kenju a wuss or what?

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srp said...

Well, this is a man. If men had babies there would not be a population explosion, all would have at most one child if any. The only exception I have found is my dad. He is stoic, never complains, even when he should. My mom on the other hand has one of the lowest tolerances for pain I have ever seen.

I said all this trying to find a nice, lovely, kind and politically correct way to say, .... yes, Mr. Kenju is a wuss; in the absolute best sense of the word. ;)

Seamus said...

The Buffledog doesn't whine and he gets a shot a week! ;)

claude said...

Thank you Judy, you've just taught me a new word. ;)
Now I'll agree with you that Mr Kenju is a wuss, but as I am one too, I think you should forgive him ;)
This said, last time I had to have a blood test, the man who did it left my whole arm black and blue and told me that I was a wuss! (I wish I knew how to pronounce this new word, like bull, or like butter?)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well I must say that is a pretty terrible looking bruise and this is going on ten days???? No, I don't think he is a wuss at all! (lol)

poopie said...

All men are wusses when it comes to that kind of stuff. I had a reaction to my shot this got red and hot and swollen the next day and lasted for a couple more. I whined too :)

Laura said...

Maybe he's not a wuss, he's "pain challenged"? LOL!
But I don't know, isn't ten days a long time to have a bruise like that? Seems to me a full week would have been plenty? Hope it's not serious!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Michele sent me back Judy...and thanks for explaining about that bruise...In this picture it does look pretty angry and fierce....!

I like what the person above me said.."Oain challanged"! Great phrase...I'll have to remember that one and use it! lol

Paul said...


10 days? What kind of flu shot is that? The Nurse With No Name? Must work at the Cookoos Nest.

Mr. Kenju will never have another flu shot, I'll bet. Good for him.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

I'd punch somebody if they pricked me so hard I got a bruise like that! I've gotten three flu shots and they've never left a bruise.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...Michele sent me back one more time! You tell Mr. Krmju for me that I hope his booboo gets better real real soon! (lol)

Kismet said...

Well, I've gotten bruises from needles but they are usually IV's so I don't know if this would count as the same, but to have someone FIRED??? THat is a little extreme. :)


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Anonymous said...

Definetely wuss. But aren't all men? Seriously!?

Anonymous said...

What did the Nurse with no name use for the flu shot? was it perchance a jack-hammer?

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy ~ I hope that bruise is better.
Have a bit of sympathy even if you think he is a wuss. Probably his first and last flu shot. I loved your Zurich photos and also the trees and ivy is the
last post. Have you ever tried bark paintings Judy? I have couple of small
ones given to me by Peter. Take care,
Love, Merle.

Terri said...

Seems that nurse was a little heavy-handed with the syringe.
Love your Zurich photos.

Greg Finnegan said...

The bruise can be caused by poor aspiration technique. If the policy of that clinic is to aspirate vaccines given inter-muscularly,the plunger on the syringe is withdrawn a little to see if the needle draws blood - say, if it is in a vein by mistake. If not, then the drug is injected. Too much manipulation can cause a bruise, and it will make the shot into one that "really hurts".

Wuss? I don't think so.

I'd worry if he got a bruise like that and DIDN'T complain!

Clarence said...

When I got my flu shot this year, I looked at the size of the needle when the tech removed the protective cover. I've used PVC pipe smaller than that for the supply line on the toilet. Guess what! I didn't feel a thing and it was only a little sore for two or three days.

Being diabetic, I MUST give myself two shots of insulin every day. Those needles are short and microscopic in diameter, YET, I have a row of black and blue spots on both sides of my bellybutton due to the needle piercing capillaries, which seep blood into the surrounding tissue. They never feel painful.

If Mr. kenju couldn't see the large bruise, he probably would have forgotten that he even got a shot by now.

He's not a "Wuss" - He's my brother.