Saturday, November 11, 2006

Know what this is?

At dinner in the hotel in Zurich, Miss kenju ordered a hamburger and this came with it. Doesn't it look like a tube of toothpaste? It is actually mustard. I couldn't believe it was packaged in a tube, but think how functional that is! I am impressed. In the US, we have clumsy little packets of mustard that you usually spill all over yourself when you are trying to open them. No such problem with this little gem!
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mar said...

All of a sudden a common package (to me) seems particularly different!

ET said...

Amazing! All the great pictures you took - amazing. And you look good too!

milliegarfield said...

Those little packets of mustard that you mentioned -- you have to tear them open , well, guess what - I can't open them - problem solved - I carry a tiny scissors in my purse -

I was in a fast food place one day and a woman saw what I had done - asked if she could borrow my scissors! ;-)

Finally a picture of Judy, your looking good!!

Shephard said...

You're right, that is brilliant. ketchup and mustard should come in tubes!

Teena said...

Mustard? Looks like ointment I've been putting on my dogs butt this week :)