Thursday, August 10, 2006

Silly Captions (and a good quote)

I have a silly habit that started when I was a kid. Whenever I see a cartoon caption or printed phrase that seems to fit well with a photo I have, I cut it out and tape it to the photo. There is a pic of mr. kenju and me on our fridge, that has so many of these captions on it you can hardly see the photo anymore. I have been taping them to this photo for about 5 years.

The saying on the back of mr. kenju's bathrobe was captured in embroidery for all time - or at least for the life of the robe, thanks to our daughter-in-law, who decided this would make a great Christmas present for her husband's father. And it did!

You should understand that this phrase is very apropos of mr. kenju. He does act, occasionally, like a man who used to be a dictator and has lost his country - but doesn't know it yet - or refuses to accept it. Another caption that fits him well is "Righteous Indignation". In the way of older men whom we call "curmudgeons", he rants and raves to anyone who will listen, about politics, religion, the war, taxes, gas prices, the weather and anything else that comes to mind. The captions on his side of the photo read:

"The irresistable force meets the immovable object" (me)

"I'm trying to make the bliss of ignorance last as long as possible."

"Is my glass-half empty or half-full?"

"Who's Mr. Tickle?" (the name of my business is Tickle Your Fancy)

"He's severely Ticklergic."

"I'll be the judge of that!"

"I've found moral outrage to be so invigorating."

"I've come to the conclusion that anyone who disagrees with me is stupid."

"Manual labor falls outside the area of my core interests."

"I got a bad case of ergophobia. It's an abnormal and persistent fear of work."

"Well, I say BALDERDASH!"

"Why, that's POPPYCOCK!"

"The center for finding offense in just about everything."

"And I find mockery of my being offended offensive."

"And what manner of jackassery must we put up with today?"

And on MY side of the photo, only two captions:

"NIH" (which, according to mr. kenju stands for "Not invented here". He says that if it isn't my idea - I pooh-pooh it from the start......LOL

and the last one: "I could use a little neck rub to ease the tension."

Now before you decide that this practice is demeaning or mean-spirited, I would ask you to remember that we have been married for 42 years, and such tension-easing stuff as this may be partly responsible for our long life together.


I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands. You need to be able to throw something back.

Maya Angelou, poet (1928- )


Jody said...

How cute! I love it!

(Michelle sent me to say hi!)

Tracie said...

Great list.....some of these are so my husband!

Fran said...

And you have the secret to long-time, committed marriage. I loved this post.

ET said...

I like those. The Ignorance Is Bliss one suits me.

Karen said...

Judy, I think it's HILARIOUS! I think that life is too short and sometimes painful to take it seriously. I love that the both of you have a sense of humor - greatly needed in any successful marriage. You're a wonderful example to so many.

And I LOVE that bathrobe. Just perfect! Thanks for sharing!

Michele sent me back here today and I'm glad!

Alex said...

Oh, that's a wonderful idea, and so hilarious! I'm a manic collager, so if I find random phrases that seem to fit any situation, or any picture I can create out of odd elements, stuck on it goes! Lovely to do it with actual pictures, though.

Kristi Mantoni said...

That's sounds like a fun thing to do! I might start that with my husband!!


PS - Michelle sent me!!

Alan G said...

Indeed Judy....if you haven't found the secret to a long and successful marriage, I suspect you are on the right track.

Really enjoyed reading the 'sayings' - given the back of the shirt context.

Ravvy said...

Heya Judy - you just crack me up! thats the BEST bathrobe!! I can imagine your husband wearing that... hahahha!!

Thanks for stopping by love!
Hope your Friday is going groovy!

PS-Perhaps you were thinking of the cartoon "Spongebob Squarepants" as the cartoon with creatures living under the sea? I love that show! SB is my FAVE!

I can imaigine that song for that too!!!

Dave said...

Here from Michele's today, I am in full sympathy with your husband!

Dave said...

Hi, just seen your comment on my post (thanks for coming by) you misunderstand me, I just meant that I'm like Mr K:-)

trinamick said...

My sister does the same thing with pictures. Mine usually have some smart-mouthed comment next to them. Can't imagine why... :P

Framed said...

Love the captions. Congratulations on your successful marriage. I can see that humor is a wonderful bonding agent.

Pearl said...

Hello, Michele sent me.
Tearing up my eyes with laughter, you are.

Love the Angelous quote after all those lovely one liners.

Maverick said...

That's hilarious!

And I love this quote:
"You have no right to set up standards and ideals for other people, and you have no right to expect in others a perfection that is lacking in yourself". Source unknown.

Howdy, Michele sent me, it's a pleasure to meet!

Terri said...

Very cute. I especially love the saying on the bathrobe. I can tell the laughter flows at your house. Always a good thing!

Yo Tambien Te Mando Besos said...

Great captions!!! Laughed a lot, thank you. Here from Michele's.

Have a great weekend Judy!

srp said...

And what captions cover your side of the picture? ;)

Yaeli said...

I love those captions and I especially like the word poppycock!!! That word just isn't used enough any more!
Michele sent me today Judy, great to see you again!
P.S. I'm so jealous of Mr Kenju's bathrobe!

Chancy said...

Wonderful captions and congratulations on your 42 years of marriage.

Peter said...

Hi Judy, cute idea but mr Kenju needs to lift his game, I'm sure there are more usable captions for your side of the photo too.

goldenlucyd said...

After 3 days of computer (and Blogger) frustration I'm delighted to be able to catch up on your posts. May I say it was a pleasure! The photos and descriptions of your pets was a hoot. What personalities!

PS Kenju: Do you ever think of how lucky we are to have happy families---that know how to laugh?

Anonymous said...

I love that caption is a great tension reliever!! I am on my way to find a photo and a caption to start the tradition in our home!!

Marisa said...

Hi Kenju, Michele sent me to you today.

I love the captions, especially the bathrobe. This post reminds me of my parents' fridge, which has poetry magnets on it. I rearrange the magnets every time I'm there and wait to see how long it takes for them to notice.

I'm still waiting. :)

vanx said...

A novel and not-too-shabby addition to the grand tradition of chimp and blonde jokes. Kudo’s, Kenju!

Laura said...

That is hilarious! My hub and I banter back and forth like that all the time and it keeps things light around here. Since we both know it is in fun and not mean spirited, we don't get bent out of shape over it.
I especially loved the bathrobe! that fits my mother in law to a T! I wish I coudl get that for her but....
well, she just doesn't share our sense of humor.

Shephard said...

Oh, that's funny!
My faves are: "Manual labor/falls outside/core interests." and ... moral outrage/invigorating.

Thanks for sharing that. I love the creativity of this. :)