Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I Love New York ~ The Final Posts ~ Part 2

Top: Just off the entrance to "Strawberry Fields" in Central Park, you see this John Lennon Memorial. I'm told it has flowers and petals every day, and benches lining the circular area are full of Lennon devotees. Next: An apartment building front.
As you may know, parking fees in NYC are so high as to discourage the ownership of an automobile. Can you imagine paying $4 for 15 minutes of parking? This sign was in a parking deck, but the cost at outside lots is almost as bad.
Another view of Time's Square - looking in the opposite direction from the first photo (a few posts back).
Bottom: the ceiling of Grand Central Station. I couldn't get a very good photo because bright sunlight was coming in the top windows and causing glare. This place is really beautiful. I heard that the city wanted to tear it down, but Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis stopped it - and we should all be glad of that. Be sure to scroll down for the last NY post.


beepbeepitsme said...

RE John Lennon

"Keep You Doped With Religion And Sex And TV"

Shephard said...

The flower memorial is really pretty. Touching.

srp said...

Yes, Grand Central Station is fabulous. Those huge spaces and trains coming together with the subways. Somewhere I have pictures although we were there towards evening and the light was not nearly so perfect as with yours.