Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I Love New York ~ Central Park

Would you believe these were taken in Central Park, in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world? Most of us don't think of New York as having large expanses of green, but it does, if you know where to look. The photo on the left, my favorite of the trip, was taken just inside the park in Strawberry Fields.
It was even more verdant than usual, due to the large area of algae floating atop the water. The algae didn't seem to bother the many boaters on the water that day.

The bride and groom, and their photographer were headed into the park for wedding photos. I raised my camera to get them before they passed by, but my daughter thought that would be tacky - so I held off until they had passed. Later, we saw them on a bridge near the water, posing for pictures. I'll bet that will be a beautiful album.

The other water photo is the same lake from a different angle. People at the water's edge were feeding insistent ducks who waddled and swam around trying to look pretty so they'd get fed more. I think if I lived in NYC, I have to visit Central Park everyday to get my nature fix. It isn't the country, but it surely has beautiful vistas.
The End!!


Sonia said...

Wonderful tour! Thanks for sharing those great photos! I would love to visit NY!

ET said...

That was a great tour! I feel that it was my trip too.
Thank you!

vanx said...

New York City has actual working farms, if you know where to look. But not in Manhattan.

Great photos. I'll spend some time on your trip blogging and check back in.

trinamick said...

Wow, you really got some great pictures. I've never been to NYC, but you've almost made me want to go!

Shephard said...

We always take a hansom cab ride thru the park. Pretty any time of year.
:) So glad you got to see so much!