Friday, July 07, 2006

Top: the Farmer's Market, from the terrace where we had lunch. This shows only a small part of it.

The State Capitol of West Virginia, from the campus of the University of Charleston (my alma mater). Only about half of it is visible in this photo, because the trees are covering the wings. It truly is one of the most beautiful capitol buildings in the United States.

The view looking down the river toward the West Side of
Charleston. Every city should have a river like this.
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Rick Lee said...

Boy, the river was really up when you shot that.

Morah Mommy said...

I loved the pictures of the flowers...makes me think of my garden in desperate need of attention...maybe I'll get to it this weekend!

Michele sent me!

sage said...

the river is very nice--I remember seeing it back in the late 60s and it was so messy, looked like it was filled with washing machine waste. We almost always drive through Charleston on our way to NC.

Carmi said...

There's something magical about a pretty river that bisects the town. The river in our burg doesn't have the same gorgeous vistas that Charleston's offers. But I still find myself drawn to it on a regular basis.

Water, people...neat combo!

Terri said...

Loved your photos and I love Charleston....I'll be back there in September. Such a pretty city with a lot of charm.

Raggedy said...

Loved the post and the pictures. Thanks.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) meow hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

bernadette said...


Shephard said...

Is the dome gold? Wow.
~S :)

srp said...

I've got a picture of the capitol dome as we went through Charleston. It isn't as good as yours, I was driving and trying to get a picture at the same time. Don't tell!

Sonia said...

The State Capitol of West Virginia is very beautiful indeed. Love also the river, what a lovely place!

Carolyn said...

I just love to visit that Farmers Market too when I'm in Charleston. Those piccies are great, Judy. My hubby works just about where the river bends in your last photo. His office is next to the Southside Bridge, and his window overlooks the river. But now he only has to be there 2 days a week, or more if the Governor has meetings that concern his organization, or his immediate boss says so, lol!